Top Senior Dating Sites on the Internet

Dating in your senior years can be tough. Much tougher than when you were younger. With the popularity of the Internet dating in your twilight years does not have to be tough. All of the senior dating sites listed below have simple to use websites. Each has a simple to use questionaire that will guide you through the process of creating a profile. Navigating these dating sites for seniors is easy and intuitive.

Being single can be tough when you are young, it can be even tougher when you are older. Meeting the right someone is not easy and with these sites it has gotten a lot easier. No longer do you have to rely on friends and family to setup the perfect date or to bring that "friend" to meet you at a party. Today, with the power of the Internet, it is easier than ever to find the right person for your needs and interests. No longer do you have to be the third wheel at the dinner party or the lone dove at the theater show or have to skip that long yearned for walk on the beach because you don't have someone to do it with.

Most of these online senior dating sites have a blog available featuring articles with tips on dating, do's and do not's, and more. We denote this information in each listing for your convenience.



SeniorMatch is only for people 30 years old and older. Anyone under 30 years old cannot register with this senior dating site. This limitation keeps users similar in age and helps mature adults find other mature adults for relationships exploration. This site is not only for meeting someone to date but also for meeting a new friend to enjoy life with, perform activities and to generally be a companion in life and anything in between that you can think of. has been the number one location for senior dating for over a decade, founded in 2001. A helpful blog is available though limited.



As the title states, is for seniors over 60 years old. This focus on the older single is ideal for those that are not interested in dating someone 30 to 40 years old. focuses on general life such as activities partners, dating and romance, and everything in between.

There is a rather robust singles blog with dating advice and date ideas available.


NO.3 is one of the most advertised singles dating sites as far as television goes. These ads reap many singles of both sexes. This means there are tons of new and interesting people to meet and experience life with on this site. is not all that old, founded several years ago. Don't let that stop you though as the membership base continues to flourish.



eHarmony is probably the #1 name in singles dating sites. This is due to a lot of advertising and keeping their name out there in the mind of singles. The claim to fame that eHarmony has over other singles sites is an in depth questionnaire that each member fills out. This helps the site match you with qualified singles, possibly saving you time from going on dates with the "wrong" person.

eHarmony's questionnaire could be a put off to many potential singles but seems to help cut down on the potential matches you will see rather than just throwing up a bunch of pictures based on your zip code.


NO.5 is another senior dating site that takes their age group choice seriously. Specifically focusing on singles over 70 years old, this site is not for the younger generations. This focus allows singles to find someone in their own age group that shares the same interests and activities. 70 is the new 60 as they say and that is when life is just starting for many as they enter retirement, or get used to it, and begin to look at their lives and want more out of it and want to spend that time with someone. not only offers an informative singles dating blog but also a message board forum for singles to talk and generally interact with each other outside of "looking for the one".



SeniorPeopleMeet(Part of PeopleMedia) is focused on singles 55 years old and older. By keeping the age group strict like this, singles coming to SeniorPeopleMeet will be able to trust that they are only seeing singles around their age group. People 55 years old and older are a unique generation that are ready to enjoy life to its fullest without holding back, SeniorPeopleMeet focuses on them.

SeniorPeopleMeet offers an informative "tips" section and a live chat with other members.



OurTime focuses on singles 50 years old and older. Advertised as the site that understands your interests and tastes change when you turn 50 years old. OurTime strives to help its members meet others of like mind and interest. There is little concern of having to wade through tons of singles that are simply "too young" for you or possibly not share similar interests due to a generation gap.

OurTime is places their mobile app, for Android and iPhone, front and foremost on their website. OurTime also has a tips for safely meeting other singles.


One of the useful senior singles dating site on the net. is liked by millions of people on social media. From seniors interested in meeting for activities to seniors wanting more out of a relationship, this site could be your last stop on the net for love and companionship. This website offers members the ability to upload more than one photo and even flirt or message prospective interests. Extra photos gives members a chance to show their fun side in photos, something many other senior singles sites miss out on.

Many categories available for the person just wanting to browse the membership based on various monikers such as "dudes", "guys" and "babes".


Billed as a completely free senior dating site. does offer plenty for the conservative spender. Beyond the normal site activities, It monitors membership so you only see people that are still actively interested in meeting. Very few inactive accounts to waste your time. Talk with others one on one or in communities run by the site. If cheap is key, it is hard to beat's services. You can also delete your profile anytime with their hassle-free policies.

If you are just interested in testing the waters of senior dating then this dating site could be the ideal site for you. Completely anonymous if you wish to not give any personal information.


While not free, is focused on seniors meeting with other seniors. No 20 somethings get membership so you are not wasting your time sifting through profiles of much younger people. This saves you time and allows you to focus on what matters to you, companionship or something else. allows singles just wanting to browse the ability to search members prior to signing up. Sometimes paying for a membership is worth it, especially if that site offers vetting of members to verify they are who they say they are. Offers success stories so that you can check out what others think about before you join.


For the 50 plus age group, is the ideal source for meeting that ideal mate for companionship, activities or something else. is another free site to join so you are never billed for a membership nor impressed upon to upgrade your account. So that you can talk with other members. This dating site is about the member with "Member Birthdays", "Members Online". And even a forum for chatting and getting to know others in a less stressful style atmosphere.

After all, getting to know others can be quite stressful. A forum allows members to talk in a group setting which could be more laid back and less stressful to many people, maybe yourself included. Topics available to discuss include current events, humor, politics (you don't want to date outside your party, or do you?) and sports to name a few. Offers free integration with your Facebook account so that you can start meeting and talking with other seniors quicker.

Enjoy Online Dating

It is understandable that dating becomes harder as you enter your twilight years. This could be due to losing a loved one, simply not being serious about dating before or generally wanting to move on after a divorce or other life changing separation. Safety is ideal and should be available to anyone that uses these sites to meet other singles, please make sure you are comfortable meeting someone and do so in a well lit, busy, area such as public locations or food establishments of some kind. You should be able to enjoy your efforts with other singles.

Senior Dating is tough. Finding another single that meets your needs and expectations should not be. These senior dating sites are all well rounded and home to many singles. We have conveniently ranked them from best to better than the rest so it should be easier to find that special someone.