Tinder Dating Site | Things You Should Know

Tinder dating site is designed to be used on your android or IPhone. It has been responsible for over ten billion matches, and was rated the world's hottest app by Forbes Magazine. The application was launched in 2012 by Hatch Labs, and just two years later was so popular that it had a user base of 50 million people who were making more than a billion "swipes" per day. Tinder dating site is now available in around 30 languages, and is used world wide.

Tinder Dating Site

How It Works

Tinder dating site is noted as one of the first 'swiping' apps, meaning that matches are made based on whether you swipe your touchscreen phone left or right. If you like a person, and would be interested in chatting with them or meeting up, you simply swipe their image to the right. If you aren't interested and want to pass, you swipe left. There is even an option to swipe up, which is called a "super like." Individuals are given only a limited amount of super likes, and they are used to tell people you are REALLY interested. Alternatively, super likes can also be given by tapping the blue star versus swiping up.

If two people swipe right on one another, you create a connection or match. This then allows communication to be opened. You can not communicate with someone who is not your match, which is useful in doing away with a lot of spam found on other dating sites and applications. For this feature to work properly, however, you should be careful of who you swipe right on.

Social Integration

Tinder uses two forms of social integration. First, you must have a verified Facebook account in order to use the app. This helps cut back on fake or spam profiles, but it is also used as a matching feature. When you look at a person's profile to decide whether you swipe left or right, you are presented with a list of people you both have as friends on Facebook.

There is also an optional feature where you can integrate your Instagram account with your Tinder profile. If you choose to do this, potential connections will be allowed to view the images found on your Instagram profile before deciding whether to like or pass.

Not Just For Dating

Although Tinder dating site is used primarily as a dating application, that isn't the only thing it can do, nor the only thing it was originally created to do. Since Tinder is location based, it can be a useful tool in finding other local individuals who may want to meet up for a drink, or hang out. It can be used to make local connections, either when you are home or traveling, and also a fun way to make friends.

It should be noted that, once again, most people are on Tinder to get dates or to hook up. If you desire to find different kinds of matches, and are not interested in the Tinder dating scene, be sure to write that in your profile. Being clear about what you are looking for will help to stop misunderstandings before they happen.

All About Tinder Premium

Tinder PlusTinder dating site is free for anyone who has a Facebook profile with a verified email address, and a touchscreen phone. There is a paid option called "Tinder Plus' which offers premium features. Most notably, there are two features which come with a premium membership. Tinder FAQ.

1. Tinder Passport

This is a feature which allows you to connect with other tinder users all over the world, instead of just those within so many miles of your current location.

2. Boost

Boost is a very new feature, which you can use one time each week as a premium user. It allows you to be the very first image shown to all local users for a total of thirty minutes.

Tinder Plus is available for $9.99 a month. It is optional, and you do not have to purchase it, but it may be a great option for some people, depending on exactly what you are looking to use Tinder for.

Tips For Success On Tinder Dating Site

Here are a few bonus tips for success on Tinder, should you choose to use the application:

1. Choose a clear, great primary image, as this is what many people will be basing their swipes off of

2. Include multiple images, as many as your account will allow you to post. This allows for users to see multiple versions of the way you look.

3. Be upfront and honest about what you are looking for. Include this in the "about me" section to help stop misunderstandings before they happen.

4. Stay active, and choose your potential connections wisely

Precautionary Statement

Although most people on Tinder dating site are genuine, just like you, never agree to meet someone at their home or in a remote location for the first few dates. Well-lighted, highly occupied areas should be chosen for a minimum of at least three meetings. Never give out personal information, and always tell someone where and for how long you will be on your date.