Join Tinder for Over 40 Years Old Dating?

Single life can suck, no matter your age. It is tough meeting new people and getting out into the dating scene. With the plethora of dating services that have popped up, thanks to the popularity of the Internet, it is much easier today than ever before. One app is viewed as the "go to" app for singles looking for a quick connection at the basic level. Tinder. The question older single over 40 persons face is this – is Tinder kinder to younger singles? Can I use Tinder for over 40 dating?

In a word. Yes. Tinder is kinder to the younger generations for many reasons. We won't waste your time detailing why this is, just realize that if you are 40 years old, or older, then Tinder is probably not for you. The popular dating app is inundated with younger people that are looking for fun and someone to be wild with. Younger people don't view older people as being ideal dates for those types of activities. Besides, the younger crowd on that app is probably not interested in the same things older singles are. This could be characterized as "generation gap" or simply difference in values and what is considered a "fun date".

There is hope for the older generation though.

Just because you are over 40 years old, or older, doesn't mean you are destined for a life of loneliness and Netflix. Check out the best over 40 dating sites or to get a good idea of other services that beat Tinder hands down. At least for mature daters there are much better options than swiping left or right and hoping to make a connection.

For the most part, younger singles are not interested in long term relationships – especially if they are Tinder. This is usually at odds with what over 40 singles are interested in and already we see problems with having a large age difference. That is not to say that all singles over 40 are only interested in getting married with their next date and that being the end of their dating careers. Far from it.

Many older singles are interested in more than relationships, rather other than just relationships. Most people in their forties, and older, are often set in life, have their goals well within sight and are ready to enjoy life a bit. Let their hair down so to speak.

This could be taking trips, visiting that museum/other country/destination vacation they have intended to check out for years. Maybe a cruise around the Arctic region (beautiful year-round) or running with the bulls (even for a short distance can be exhilarating) or maybe experience that shallow sea diving adventure. These things all have in common the fact that they are more fun with someone to experience them with. Mature singles are often more adventurous in this manner than younger singles are. Enjoying life one day at a time should be your goal, just remember it is more fun with someone wanting that same thing.

This is just a fact of growing up – your idea of fun changes, shouldn't your taste in partners you share them with change too?

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