Best Serious Dating Sites for Marriage and Relationships

If you aren't one for casual flings or nightly hook-ups, you're probably a dater looking for an online dating site that is geared towards building serious dating relationships. The best serious dating sites for marriage minded people are geared more towards finding someone you have a solid connection with, versus someone you find attractive. This article can help you in your search for a dating site that helps you find a more substantial relationship. Check out our top three best dating sites for serious relationships online.

Match was launched in April of 1995, and has grown over the last two decades to become one of the largest paid user bases. Currently, the site boasts approximately 1.7 million paid users, who run the gambit of diverse individuals. Match caters to both heterosexual and homosexual users, the young and the old, and has members from all different types of cultures, religions, political backgrounds, and professions. For this reason, Match has become one of the most popular online dating sites in the United States. And they've led to more dates, serious relationships and marriages than any other currently dating site like or

Editors' Pick - The No.1 Serious Dating Site

Match works so well for two reasons. First, you need to fill out an in-depth questionnaire when making your profile. Second, they have a highly detailed search engine.

The questionnaire takes around ten minutes to complete, and it has three basic sections. The first section is "About Me," and you fill out information about yourself. The second section is "About My Match" and it's all about what you're looking for in a match. The last section is "In My Own Words". It's designed to get more in depth with you, what you're interested in, and what you're looking for. You can skip any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.

The highly detailed search engine lets you choose what type of people you want to meet. You have different ways to search. You can do a custom search, a reverse search (to see who is looking for someone like you), or a mutual match search (someone you are looking for who is looking for someone just like you).

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Match costs around $25 a month, is easy to navigate, has a six month guarantee that you will meet someone, a useful email filter, and even has a virtual phone number for premium users. (Free to Sign up)

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* Match Guarantee: If you don`t find someone special during your first six months, you`ll get another 6 months free.

Editors' Special Pick: The fastest growing website focuses on serious daters that are above 50 years old who are looking for deep relationships. Doesn't allow people aged below thirty to become members. Read full reviews of please go to our homepage. - The best serious dating site for over 50 singles only.

One of the best dating sites for serious daters. Eharmony is a very sophisticated online dating site that takes all of the work out of finding someone you'll connect with. After you complete a very detailed, comprehensive personality test, the website's algorithm finds your matches for you(eHarmony Compatibility Test). The site is only available for heterosexual individuals over the age of eighteen, who are looking for a long term serious relationship. Although their customer base is smaller than that of some other sites, eHarmony accounts for 4% of all US marriages.

EHarmony is very simple and easy to use, so it doesn't take a computer genius to figure it out. It is also very private and very secure - only members who are matched with you will be able to see your profile. Which cuts down on the spam and abusive messages online dating sites are sometimes plagued with.

This serious dating site also has a unique communication process that allows you a further ability to stop contact with someone you feel you may not be interested in. First, matches are made based on the "About Me" sections in your profiles. If you are interested, you can initiate contact by sending something called 10 Must Haves. The other person than completes this, and if you are still interested, you can send 10 Can't Stands. Still interested, and then you can move forward to icebreakers, and then actual messaging.

EHarmony costs around $30 a month, and also provides a large section of dating advice. The downsides are that free communicated is short, the profile takes a while to complete. (Free to Sign up)

Approximately 67% of all members of Elite Singles have a college degree. The site has set itself up as the premier dating site for educated professionals looking for Long-term/Serious relationships. There is a built-in, highly advanced fraud detection system, and the site caters to both homosexual and heterosexual individuals.

Matching is based on a five factor personality test which asks about your physical characteristics, hobbies, lifestyle habits, etc. To help match you with like-singles. You can also search based on a variety of different factors, like age, distance, education, income, smoking, drinking, ethnicity, and religion.

Communication is streamlined, and starts with someone sending another a "smile". They are then able send either a personalized message, or else five icebreaker questions for those who aren't sure what to say. You can also track who looks at your profile, check out the detailed dating blog, or download the sophisticated phone app if you are a single who is always on the go.

The downside to Elite Singles is that it definitely is not for hook-ups. And this website is best for for the college educated versus the average Joe, and at $35 a month. is owned by, so you might expect a high quality website. Chemistry's approach is to make dating fun and make the finer details part of it. They incorporate fun activities and personal quizzes to help you develop your profile and give you more of an edge to match with others. Quoting that it will be like meeting them for the second time, not the first. They orientate this on one of those fun personality tests, you know the ones? The ones that are either scarily accurate or absolute rubbish because it relies on you being truthful and perceiving the questions correctly (according to them).

Apparently they provide a personal coach through their feedback system and help you create an activity plan. Again, this really depends on the information you have offered in the first place and the activities you specified. Be honest how many of you have put a sport in that you don't play or a hobby you have no interest in, purely because you though it would help? In this case, it won't help you, you actually have to be interesting I'm afraid. is a serious dating site in Europe which prides itself on covering as many demographics as possible. However, as it is a German based site (offering the translated sites in German and french). It's not particularly a great site for our poor USA users. Similar to Chemistry, the idea is to take their personality test (yes another one of those), find compatible users and then find love. Sounds simple doesn't it. I'm sure I don't have to point out though that the test isn't necessarily going to pair you up with the right people.

They boast a 38% success rate and prospect of a shared future. But, they base your matches on an algorithm based on 10 years of research. So mathematics will determine your fate in this with regards to matches. I know people who have met through similar hobbies or through their work, 20 years on and they still don't understand each other (but they are in love) - can an algorithm do any better than that? Providing you answer all the questions, honestly and intemperate the questions correctly according to your culture that is... is different, there are no fun activities, there are no tests to do, because they believe interaction is the best and most important part of dating. This site is for hardcore marriage potential only and really pushes for that serious relationship.

They claim marriage is awesome and have an exceptionally chirpy approach to it. It's a relatively new company so there won't be thousands of users on there like there is on others. This could either be an advantage as there may be more serious people on it or a disadvantage that the gene pool is too small or people have just joined for curiosity to start with. If you are looking for a serious relationship though, it might be worth trying as at least (if true) that is what the other users will have in common with you straight away.

So there you go - those are the top online serious dating sites for marriage minded people. If you're looking for best dating sites for serious relationship, these are the three sites to check out.