2017 Best Online Over 40 Dating Sites

When getting back into dating over the age of 40 it can be daunting to say the least. First, where do you go to meet singles? A local bar? Diner's? Ask friends and family? Some of the best dating sites for over 40 are plentiful and cheap so let's go with them as your avenue of meeting other singles in your 40s.

The process of online dating over 40 or 45 is fairly simple. You simply need to create a profile with your basic details and photograph and then site will start assisting you in finding perfect match for you. Describe your personality well with over 40 dating sites questionnaire and provide specifications that you demand from your dating partner online. The online dating platform will start working as per your provided information and soon you will get best match for you.

NO.1 Rating:*9.9/10

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This website was established few years ago but it has proven itself as leader among all popular dating platforms. Millions of singles stay active on this site and till now unlimited successful love stories have been written on this network. The sign up process over is extremely easy. You simply need to choose your username and password and then enter few basic details about yourself. You can write things in narrative form. Finally upload your attractive photograph and post your profile.

NO.3 Rating:*8.9/10

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eHarmony is one of the best dating sites for over 40 and 45 serious daters. It offers matching services for long term relationship development and is suitable to those who wish to find a life partner online. This website is backed by huge experience of more than 35 years in the field of clinical and empirical research. Users say that eHarmony offers more trustworthy matches with highly compatible match making algorithms.

NO.2 Rating:*9.5/10

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SeniorMatch is developed for people who have crossed the age group of 50. There are millions of active senior members and all of them are finding this website interesting for match making. is a platform to have fun and joy after retirement. The user friendly interface of this dating site assists senior people over 50 in fast profile creation with basic information and brief personality related sketch.

NO.4 Rating:*8.3/10

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About 67% of Elite Single users are professionals who are holding doctorate degree, master's degree or bachelor's degree. In simple words, most of the users on this dating platform are well educated professionals. During profile creation you need to fulfil its 5 factor type personality questionnaire. This information helps in fraud detection and hence this platform is rated to be safe enough for serious dating.

Low rating over 40 sites couldn't meet our expectations:

Dating changes when you are 40 years old. What used to be fun in your 20s is no longer interesting. No one understands that more than where unique is the name of the game. Unlike other online dating sites. This website is focused on the person you are and the person you want to meet. From special events that put you face to face with other singles to chat rooms that are open to fun discussions of life, interests and more. offers users convenient apps for both Android and iPhone. Don't miss out on matches because you were not in front of your computer.

Mature dating over 40 has entered the mainstream and is not going away. The older generations (40s, 50s, 60s, 70s+) are not content with staying home and letting life pass them by. focuses on only the older generation, mature, individual that is looking for likeminded, similar age, singles for whatever life brings.

Focusing on just older singles keeps the younger singles out of the way so that true love can be found much easier.

Over 40? Single? Cupid has your back. Life doesn't end at 40, it just gets started. Dating should be fun and Cupid knows it. Come find out what all the fun singles are doing tonight.

Cupid offers their members convenient apps for both Android and iPhone platforms. This allows you to keep up to date on new members that could be potential matches.

This site started in 2008 after several years of attempting to find a quality dating service for singles 40+ years old. solves the problem of finding a fun partner in your age group. Members on this website are fun loving and interesting people. One interesting aspect is that they do not use "nicknames" on the service so you are not required to guess the intention of a potential match based on a weird screen name. offers users the unique ability to only see singles from certain countries – Australia, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. This is one of the few sites that focuses on singles in these countries. All fast growing countries for singles looking for love online.

This is an interesting entry in our list because we don't often feature services based specifically in the United Kingdom. offers members the ability to not interact with members they do not wish to (up to and including blocking). Since focuses on the United Kingdom you can search, find and talk with, singles with ease of mind knowing they are not in the United States, across the ocean, and out of your reach.

Your match should be in your country, not half way across the world.

Do's and Don'ts - Over 40 Dating Sites

When you are single and 40 something years old it can be tough to get back into the dating scene without feeling like a fool. We have been there and we understand your frustration. There are a few do's and don'ts that you need to be aware of first.

User Name

When talk about online dating in your 40s, they all share common things though. You will need a user name. Don't use your real name or an identifier like "I_Drive_A_Ford" or similar words that could turn off your potential matches (not everyone is a fan of Ford vehicles for instance). Also, avoid expletives or derogatory words in your user name. Once you have your user name you must set up a profile.


In your profile is your chance to put yourself out there to other over 40 singles that find you through the site. This could be by searching, it could have been a swipe or they could have been referred by a friend to your profile. Here you will want to detail a bit about yourself, your likes and dislikes, etc. Make sure to fill out your height, weight, hair/eye color, etc as truthfully as possible. Remember, any lie you tell in your profile is going to haunt you when you meet your matches in real life.

Don't spend a lot of time, if any, talking about exes or bad relationships from your past. No one wants to read how your girlfriend in your 20's cheated on you and it has left a lasting impression on your life going on 20 years later. Instead talk about the better things in your life that you have done – if you were a soldier mention which branch and years you served. If you have children, mention that but don't mention names or identifying information (such as school they attend or where they work).


Next, your profile picture. Don't use a picture from 10+ years ago, and don't use a picture that only shows part of your face. Take the time to get a haircut, or your hair fixed professionally, get a well-lit area ready and take a nice photo. Have a friend help so that you are not doing the "selfie" pose with one arm disappearing into the bottom of the picture. Do not use Snapchat style filters. Just use a clean and clear photo of your head and shoulders. This is the first thing that most people see when you pop up in their account, make it count and stand out for all the right reasons.

Compare to other dating sites for young people such as, or These top 4 websites on our list are the best choices for over 40 singles. These best dating sites for over 40 provide impressive services to all singles that are ready to mingle. No matter in which age group you fall; there are always few interesting personalities waiting for you online. If you have joined an online over 40 dating site earlier then we hope you are enjoying match making services and healthy conversations with interesting personalities.

And in case if you are just thinking to be a member of online dating platform then we suggest you to join a trustworthy website. It offers long lasting love and perfect matches as per your need.