Tips for Guys Date a girl who reads a lot!

Habits or hobbies matter when you are thinking of a relationship. Beyond the first impressions, the physical attraction and all the chitchats, any relationship will boil down to what the two individuals like to do and if there are some that they like doing together. Bad habits are seen as vices, be it smoking or alcoholism. Good habits are generally confined to exercise, cooking and any kind of vocational interest that someone may have, perhaps music or writing. One quintessential attribute that can make a huge difference, particularly for boys, is reading. You should consider dating a girl who reads a lot.

A girl who reads a lot is more independent than you know or would imagine. We are not talking about financial or emotional independence. It is just the reality that the girl can spend hours on her own, without anyone and without anything but a book. This kind of independence is precious and it will help any guy who is even mildly busy. It is no secret that most couples struggle to find the time they would want to spend with each other. In most relationships, either the boy or the girl will complain of not having enough time or not being sufficiently attended to. It is often the girl who has this complain.

She would rarely have such problems. She would be happy in her own world of books.

These kind of girls will have a better worldview. This is not a given though because what she reads is important. Not every book will enrich the worldview or contribute to the intellect of the reader. There are horrible books in every genre. If a girl likes quality fiction and useful nonfiction, then she is likely to be more matured, she would be empathetic and she will have a better understanding of many things in life. This will always be helpful for a guy regardless of his level of maturity or intellect.

And she will always have some advice up her sleeve. She will be easy to talk to. She will be a great listener. She is invariably patient and she will put a step forward to understand what you try to convey or where you are coming from.

A girl who reads a lot will have better critical thinking and that is always desirable in a relationship. On a lighter note but very significant nonetheless, it is easier to buy a gift for a girl who reads a lot. There will always be a good book on the shelves that you can pick up. It doesn't cost much and is a safe choice, unless you are clueless about what type of books she reads or which authors she detests.

More rational and understanding

She will be more curious and will also be more considerate. She can be difficult at times if you are too ignorant or dismissive about her views but that is what you would have to bear with.

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