The Dos and Don'ts When Starting an Online Conversation with a Girl

GirlsFirst impression is extremely important in both offline and online dating, so if you want to have success, you have to ensure your approach is good right from the very beginning. And when it comes to online dating, many guys don't really know how to start a conversation the right way. Truth is, there is no one, true way to message a girl, but there are some things you should avoid doing and others you should consider adding to your technique.

Forget About Hi, Hello or Hey

Almost every guy out there starts a chat with an unknown girl with either with Hi, Hello or Hey. If you want to be unoriginal, blend with the crowed and be boring, than that's the best way to go. On the other hand, if you want to impress a girl and stand out, think of another way to start the conversation. As you will see below, there are many good and creative ways to initiate a chat.

Get Inspiration from Her Profile

If you inspect a girl's profile, you will always find something useful that will help you start a conversation the right way and have a solid base for further discussions. Favorite movies or songs, hobbies and specific lifestyle are good starting points so check what she likes doing and what are here tastes and mention it in the very first line.

Break Your First Impressions - Creating the Right Profile

Be Honest and Humble

According to latest studies, men who start an online conversation with words like "awkward" or "sorry" have more success than cocky and overly confident guys. This doesn't always work, but nothing really does, so being honest and at the same time, humble can only help you. You don't have to be the most creative person out there, just apologize for being a bit clumsy and straight away invite the girl on a casual coffee.

A Statement Doesn't Lead to Conversation so Ask Away

One of the best techniques to start a conversation is by asking a question. Remember that if you make a statement, that doesn't really require an answer and rarely leads to a conversation, so start an interesting and attention-grabbing discussion right away by including at least one question in your first message.

Show That You Are Literate and Forget About Netspeak

And last but certainly not least, no matter how you decide to start the conversation, be sure not to use netspeak. If you are too busy to use proper English and write the whole word, then you shouldn't be chatting with a girl at all. Forget about things like Ur, Fri, R U, and the likes of them, and always remember that punctuation exists for a reason, so never forget to use it. Modern day girls are really impressed by literate guys.

How to Make a Girl like You

GirlsDating is challenging, there's no doubt about it. A lot of guys feel nervous when they have to approach a lady, and that's usually what's going to cost them the date. With this in mind, it's worth noting that there are quite a few things that you can take into consideration in order to make a girl or a woman like you. We are going to name a few for your convenience. Let's take a look. Best Dating Advice for you to get your dating work out in the way you want.

  • Be Yourself
    Of course, it might sound like the oldest cliché in the book, but this is absolutely detrimental. This is because there is so much more behind this phrase than just the overused statement that the majority is used to. Being you entails natural behavior – something that a lot of guys fail to do in their attempt to impress a lady. In fact, they would often depict themselves as if they were someone completely different and that's going to get them out of character. Sounding unnatural is the worst thing that you could do and failing to be yourself is definitely a quick way to do so.
  • Be Funny
    There's nothing better than making the woman you like laugh. That's the ultimate ice breaker – something that's going to melt her cold heart. If you manage to make her laugh then, you are already one step closer to making her fall for you. Some would say that the appearance is the most important thing. While this might be partially true, your ability to making her laugh is at least as important.
  • Project Confidence
    There's nothing worse than a man that's uncomfortable in his own shoes and women know this. That's why you need to be confident, even when you're not. Project confidence and you would quickly start yielding great results. There's nothing better than a man who's self aware, confident and well-behaved. The combination is the women's kryptonite, and that's something that you should be capable of doing. Not only is this going to increase your chances of success but it's also going to impact you on a psychological level. Women are attracted to men of power and being able to project self-confidence and alertness, you are going to get there faster than you think.
  • In any case, getting a woman to like you is a whole-house approach and it includes a wide range of different things, but these should give you a proper start. Make sure to be natural, confident and well-behaved and the rest is likely to start falling as it may.

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