The 5 Most Common Online Dating Lies

Online Dating LiesOnline dating can be a lot of fun. It allows us to meet fun and interesting people much more easily, gives us a chance to narrow down our likes and dislikes and provides us with more options that we ever thought possible. However, there is a dark side to online dating, as people use their cloak of anonymity to spread lies. If you have spent any time in the online dating realm whatsoever, then you have probably experienced one of the following lies in some shape or form.

The virtual world is a great place to meet new people, but there are certain limitations involved. Let's take a closer look at the most common online dating lies and how to spot them before you end up hoodwinked by a would be charmer.

1. Lack of Recent Photos

Let's face it, most of us are drawn to the physical aspects of a person first. It's nice to meet someone who is attractive and able to satisfy us from an emotional and intellectual standpoint, but we need to be turned on by the person first. Unfortunately, those who use online dating to meet new people are well aware of this fact and will misrepresent themselves as a means of getting your attention, only for you to meet them and end up disappointed.

Be sure to ask for an assortment of pictures and don't fall for the same old tricks. If a person shows you one photo that looks amazing, don't be afraid to ask for more. In many instances, a person will also use a photo that is not their own, so don't be afraid to use Google to perform an image search. You just might find out that your new potential love interest is merely stealing photographs from someone else's Instagram.

2. Finances

We all have our different reasons for seeking out companionship and for some of us, finances are very important. Some of us need a little extra help, while others are not looking any sort of assistance at all. There are also those of us who do not make very much money and would still like to find a suitable partner that does not mind our situation.

However, these wants, needs and fears often cause people to lie when they should not. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a partner who is well off financially and online dating works best if both parties are 100 percent honest about their money woes or lack thereof. While it may hurt to lose an opportunity to get to know someone new because of money, it is much better than wasting their time when you are not the one who they truly want.

3. Intentions

Online dating can be bit of a minefield, as it allows smooth talkers of both sexes to write clever profiles and intriguing emails that spark a true interest from other people. Being able to tell what someone's true intentions are is very difficult in any walk of life, let alone in the world of online dating. Getting used by someone you like is never fun, which is why it is important to remain wary at all times.

Don't allow yourself to get carried away by a person's smooth talking. Make them show you how much they care with their actions. Conversely, those who are merely looking to have a good time and enjoy themselves should be honest about their intentions and not string along a person who is clearly looking for a serious relationship. "Where do you see this going?" is a common question and the online dating community is not always honest with their response.

4. Height/Weight

It is very funny to make yourself appear to be taller and slimmer in pictures. Thanks to social media, we have all become masters of using camera angles and know exactly how to make ourselves look a certain way in photographs. Most women prefer a man to be taller than them, which causes the shorter men out there to provide false evidence of their height and fudge the numbers a bit during an online correspondence.

Meanwhile, women who have begun to pack on a few pounds will also stretch the truth a bit when it comes to their true size. Don't allow yourself to be bamboozled by a couple of decent face pictures, insist on some full body shots before you allow yourself to become too enthusiastic about the person as a potential romantic prospect. Few woman want to tower over their man and few men want a woman that outweighs them by a considerable amount.

5. Professional Stability

Beware of those who seem to have a fancy job title and go out of their way to portray themselves as having a vibrant, stable career. While you will need to discuss these things during the early talking stages, so that you can establish personal preferences, a person who is always talking about their job and going out of their way to tell you about their level of seniority is typically only trying to convince themselves.

There are others who will fib about how interesting their job is as well. You should always be skeptical of those who offer unprompted information about how many employees they have or their assistant's daily duties. When someone is excessively obsessed with proving their worth to you from a professional standpoint, this is a sign that they are lying.

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