How to Stay Away From Dating Scammers

There is no dearth of scammers or outright frauds out there, especially in the virtual world. Dating platforms are not exception. You may not realize this but even a casual chat may make you vulnerable to unintentional disclosure of personal information that can be used against you. It is quite possible that you would end up going on a date with somebody unscrupulous and with definite malicious intentions. You should not make yourself vulnerable to any kind of exploitation and hence you should stay away from dating scammers.

The first rule you should follow is: if it is too good true to be true, then it is perhaps not true. The wise rule applies to everything you do in your life, everything you buy and everyone you meet. Have you ever come across a dating profile that makes you feel a person is Brad Pitt meets Warren Buffett or perhaps Katy Perry meets Angela Merkel? Chances are high that these profiles are outright fakes. They may not be controlled by bots or may not be unofficial fake dating profiles on the dating platform to entice more users. The people running those profiles would be frauds or scammers. How many hard working professionals do you come across in your real life who sport a physique like Brad Pitt in Troy or that of Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man 3? You may not come across many. It is anyway difficult to achieve such excellence, imagine accomplishing the same while building the wealth like that of Warren Buffett or try running a country with as significant an economy like Germany. It doesn't happen in the real world. But how to spot dating scammers on dating dating site?

Then there is the other kind, where more than physical features or impeccable appearances it would be the attributes. If you come in contact with people who may seem to be a combine of Bill Clinton meets Richard Branson or Sheryl Sandberg and Lady Gaga, then you should have all the red flags popping up. Technical wizards like Bill Gates are seldom as glamorous and spontaneous as Richard Branson. Astute businesswomen like Sheryl Sandberg are rarely as quaint as Lady Gaga. They simply don't belong to the same world. All four are successful and they all have their strengths as well as weaknesses. However, their fortes are what separate them. You cannot expect someone like Bill Gates who has spent most of his life coding and designing to have the kind of visible magnetism or splendorous charisma of a personality like Richard Branson. You cannot expect a master of business administration, specialist in corporate law and a formidable chief executive of the wealthiest companies in the world like Sheryl Sander to have the unmitigated and at times outlandish aura of Lady Gaga.

You will come across people claiming to be people who they are not, to possess what they don't, to create a perception that is wrong and people do lie outright on dating platforms. You should not go for profiles that have limited or no specific information. You should stay away from apparent false promises or hyped up claims.

This entry was posted by Admin on 11/07/2016