How to Move Online Dating To Real Life

Everything starts online these days, from job searches, shopping to finding the love of your life. One of the most annoying things could be finding someone you are interested in online and lose the magic before you meet in real life. It could also turn out that your online love interest has become a pen pal relationship with no promise of taking the next step, which is to meet face to face on a real date. Below are the ways you can move your dates with a newfound love to a real life date.

Do Not Take Too Long

Endless email and social media exchanges can overshadow a meet and greet whose time is already due. Delaying the meet and greet will cause one of you to get tired and lose the chemistry you once had. Before you lose the spark, set up the meet and greet. Delaying for too long also means that you are will develop virtual chemistry and fail to ignite the physical chemistry, which is necessary if you are going to have a relationship.

Ask for their Number

Online dating is no more different from traditional dating. At one point as things keep on going well for the two of you, you will have to ask for their number. This is a nice way to take the relationship offline. Once you have it, do not delay too long before calling them least they might think you are just playing games.

Brief Conversations

After getting their number and butterflies in your stomach as you hit dial, remember to keep the conversation short and sweet. It can be tempting to have long and intimate phone conversations, but you have not met the other person in real life. Remember the chemistry levels may be different between the two of you. This could be a turn off to some people, and you might get blocked and miss out on that date.

Ask For a date

After a few exchanges on a dating site and you have moved to emails, social media, on the phone, take the next step, and ask for a date. Either of the sexes can ask for the date in the present times, and you should not shy away from asking for it. Suggest a simple date that is budget friendly like going out for coffee. Get to know each other, and you will have a better understanding of your partner by the time the bottom of the coffee mug is visible. A walk is also a great thing to do on your first date as you savor your favorite ice cream. You can also get your coffee to go and sit on a park bench where you can speak about everything and everything.

As you make plans to meet your online crush, be sure to let your friends in on it. Since you are meeting a stranger for the first time, being safe should be your priority. Follow the steps above and find real love from a virtual online relationship.

This entry was posted by Admin on 11/13/2016