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Here are few basic details relating to eharmony login full site and topics auxiliary to it. You can check the answers to frequently asked questions below. eHarmony is quite user friendly website, however we believe that as a website providing platform and a sweet opportunity of finding your soul mates, we should provide some insight on basic login details of our portal. It is just like taking a tour of one of the websites you will love for the interface, service and connectivity.

Haven't yet got an account on eharmony full site?

eHarmony Login Full Site > Visit the homepage of eHarmony at You have to register yourself if you are visiting for the first time or you can simply leverage your Facebook login details and login via Facebook. For initial registration you just have to provide some basic details about your whereabouts and contact details along with your preferences. Just click on login on the very right of the screen with your registered user name and password and get ready to explore the lovable options.

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Is there a link to navigate directly to the login page?

If you are already familiar with the homepage and want to simply save eHarmony in your book marks for subsequent log-ins then you can simply visit and login.

Is there any benefit of logging through Facebook details?

We give both the options for logging in. You can create username and password through our website or login through your Facebook credentials. Benefit of logging through Facebook is that you are entitled to receive the following along with validating your presence socially.

  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • New Feature updates
  • Expert tips and advice

How to set/modify auto login setting?

When you will click on login link at login full site link) and put in your credentials, before pressing enter you would see a box saying 'Keep me logged in' just above you see click to 'Login'. If this box is checked then the next time you would open browser, our servers will log you in on eHarmony. This means you can save yourself from botheration of putting username and password again and again. However, you can uncheck this option for logging in yourself every time.

If you are accessing the website through your personal device then it is advisable to check this box but if you are logging in from some public portal or through your office device then we will advise to uncheck this option. As a safety and security driven website, we don't want our users to get into any sort of trouble.

What if I have checked the 'Keep me Logged in' box erroneously?

If you have checked the box erroneously, then first of all stop panicking. Just simply go to profile and account settings and manually log out from your account. This will bring you back on home page.

How can I contact in case of any queries?

eHarmony is at your service for all such queries. Just click on and help yourself by reading through popular topics. If this doesn't contain what you are looking for then we are easily accessible through We look forward to hearing from you.

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