eHarmony Free Trial Code Q&A

Why does eHarmony Free Trial exist? eHarmony strictly believe that as a customer it is your basic right to try each and every thing before investing in it. This is true in regards to the clothes you buy, portfolio you choose and food you eat. Just like all these scenarios, taking a decision of going on path of online dating can also seem to be risky if you are trying for the first time or had bad experiences in the past. Nonetheless, we believe that you should get equal and fair chance to try out and evaluate the services before putting your hard earned money into it.

Q: When eHarmony Free Trial Code is available?

A: These weekends are usually available around holidays, such as Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you have already signed up for the newsletter or created a trial account, you will be surely receiving notifications on the next eHarmony Free Communication Weekend.

eHarmony free trial of 7 days wherein you can avail the services of premium packages absolutely free. This is probably one free thing available in the market with no asterisk mark of 'T & C Apply'! Jokes apart but at eHarmony we allow you to explore full features of the site for a set period. Following are the benefits of availing free trial of eHarmony:

1. Golden opportunity to explore all features;

2. Communicate across the members on the website without any restriction;

3. Browse through the various packages and options and be a part of active community at eHarmony

- Are there any eHarmony discount codes?
- eHarmony Login FAQ

With plethora of benefits, eHarmony has tried to make the free trial process as simple as it can be. There are no complications, no fees and no terms and conditions! Just register yourself and be one of those who avail this free trial pack.

It is absolutely free

Unlike other websites, eHarmony doesn't seek for your credit card details at the time of registering for free trial. When we term it as 'free', it is completely free. You will get details on your registered email ID about the upcoming period. After the trial period gets over, it is completely on your will if you want to subscribe for the paid package; there is no automatic debiting to your account.

eharmony plan it for your benefit

eharmony free trial period extends to about 7 days and we make every possible try to choose the best days of the month. Definitely weekend falls in between so that you get maximum time to avail the benefits. But eharmony also try to schedule it in a manner to take benefit of long weekends, if any. This is the reason that all eharmony free trials are strategically planned and are communicated well in time so that you can plan your schedule accordingly and don't miss out to register.

You might never need it again

There have been ample of cases where people met during free trials, became friends and then transformed into married couples. This is the reason that eharmony keep duration of free trial as uniform so that all should be in the similar mode of communication. This mind set only eliminates lots of barriers and send out positive vibes of connectivity and love. At eHarmony, we celebrate this season of love and dating! Register today to be part of this beautiful festival!