Dating Over 50 When To Kiss Let's Make it Easy

When you are in true love then there is no such concept of 'right moment'. You never know when that perfect situation will arrive and you will fall for each other without wasting a single moment. Even if you have crossed that 50 plus barrier then also the love has same definition. But yes! Your life experiences may force you to think more about the right moment so that you cannot lose your dream love due to little misunderstanding.

Dating Over 50 When To Kiss?

Actually the right question is: "Dating over 50 when you can come to know that she wants you to kiss her?" Knowing about her interest will make that moment happen with ease. So what you need to look for?

- 1 - Her Body language:

Yeah! This is the big trick. Notice about how does she responds to your closeness, the moments when she hugs your arms, when you are walking together. Is she trying to make any point to come closer to you by filling that gap of personal space to develop an intimate space?

- 2 - Her Lips:

She will definitely initiate a calling attention at certain special moment if she is interested to receive a kiss from you. When you are moving in a close proximity, she may try to bite her lip slowly.

- 3 - The secret about triangle gaze:

This is one of the surest sign for the perfect moment. Notice if she is performing that triangle gaze- start looking between both eyes and then down to lips, ranging back to your eyes. She is definitely interested to call you for a kiss but just demand your attention.

So what to do now?

You are in a 50 plus sensitive relationship but at the same time you are in love. So if you judge the signs appropriately then it is good to fill that space between you both and kiss her. The all time successful method is to start from a hug to kiss and bring the emotions to high point. If you are on a date, enjoy some time on dance floor, pull her for a hug and wait for that triangle gaze. It is time to move slowly closer to her and kiss her.

We often need more time to understand each other because we have spend a long life while learning various experiences and this is high time to trust someone so easily. It is advised to spend more time on chats using online dating platform and share each other's common interest. Try to know each other's mood, how sweet and romantic they feel in this relationship. Spend some time on official dates and come closer with time by judging each other's behaviour. Not all the women love to start their love life with sex or kiss, first of all they demand a trustworthy relationship. When dating over 50, once you are able to develop a strong bond of trust with your true love then you will soon find the right moment to kiss her.