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Are you looking for friends online? Maybe you are joining the growing community of online love seekers? With Bumble dating site you can find both in the easiest and most convenient way ever! The excitement around Bumble is one of the biggest ones we have ever seen lately. You might wonder why that is, so let's find out!

Bumble Dating Site

Bumble Dating Site Finding the Perfect Partner

With online dating, the chances of finding the perfect partner have become tremendously easier. You sign up, create your account and start connecting with people, without that awkward buzz that would be around if you'd be doing this in a small bar, filled with unknown people, who might simply be out on a get away night, starting their second beer while their wife and the triplets are awaiting at home.

The number one advantage of using an online dating platform is that you can be 100% percent sure, that all members of this vivid online community are here for the same thing - or at least for similar things -, which is love. Even though it sounds like the simplest thing ever, there are some challenges that you will surely face if you start to indulge yourself in the vast world of online dating. That is where Bumble makes a tremendous difference!

Bumble dating site provides you with much more safer, fun and simpler ways to connect with others, compared to other online platforms, where the number of your available connects are usually limited, or you are, in many cases, required to sign up for a premium account, that could cost a considerable amount of money.

Bumble, however, shows you all the people that could be your next potential partners, where the only thing you need to do is swipe right. In case you have swiped left accidentally, you can simply "backtrack" the previous profile for free, which functionality is missing from lots of other competitors. The handling of the application is easy, while the stylish design will surely set your "love hunting mood" on!

The other problematic issue that you have to face at some point during your online romantic adventures, is that not everyone is after the same thing. Have you ever had those awkward conversations online, where you did not have a clue what the other wants? Or have you ever exchanged messages for weeks and then it turned out to be a total turn off?

Well, once again, the team behind Bumble dating site is aware of the struggles of online love seekers! Therefore, Bumble takes care of setting the stage for your conversation. Furthermore, women are the ones who have to make the first move over here, for which they have 24 hours starting from the time when the connection has been made. This way, Bumble takes the guesswork out of online messaging, since if there is no activity after 24 hours, you can rest assured, that she was not the perfect match for you - while ladies have the option to let connections simply wither away.

24-hour Rule

BumbleOn the other hand, if you are after same-sex connections, or looking to make new friends, the 24-hour rule applies to both parties. If there is no conversation initiated, the connection simply disappears to keep your connection list clean and neat. In case you feel like 24 hours is not enough for your new connection, and you would like to give them some more time to initiate a conversation, Bumble can extend the 24-hour rule, for an additional 24 hours each day.

This way, you won't find yourself wondering about the possible scenarios that you missed, due to not giving enough time to your next potential partner or friend. Bumble also thought about the ones who are having a busy life and are surely unable to wait for 24 hours. For them, the Bumble Boost upgrade is available, which comes with numerous extra features, such as faster and easier connection making, unlimited 24-hour extensions, sorting people through who have already swiped right on you and much more.

Bumble dating site is currently available for both Android and iOS. Android users will be required to have an Android OS version of 4.1 or up, while iOS users require a 9.0 system version or higher. The application is available in various languages and can be easily downloaded from the app store or from iTunes. You can also visit the homepage of Bumble for further information or if you have any inquiries at

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Feel free to start your online journey with Bumble, as you will surely not be disappointed! Enjoy the rich community, the vast opportunities out there, and find your honey with Bumble dating site!