Why You Don't Need to Stick with Tinder

If you are not particularly infatuated with Tinder. Then there are some alternatives dating sites and apps that you should explore that will provide as good if not better results. No doubt, Tinder has become part of modern culture. But it is not the only dating site or dating app that you need to stick to. There no doubts the fact that Tinder is easy to use and it does not ask you to answer many questions when creating your profile. After downloading Tinder, it is easy to connect it to Facebook after which it is easy for you to create your account in a matter of minutes.

Find an alternative

Even though there are millions of people who love Tinder there are many who have reported having a bad experience with Tinder. If you are wondering why stick to Tinder, then the following will help you find new friends or soulmates without needing to stick to Tinder.


Skout is in many ways similar to Tinder but it also has a few features that make it stand out. With this dating site, it is possible to know who has been checking your profile and who have marked you as their favorites. And, if you want more exposure then you can simply upgrade to the premium version.


Bumble is very innovative and it is really more suitable for women who want to start a conversation with a man. Once a couple is matched to one another women have about a day in which to send the other person a message. If she chooses not to send a message within 24 hours then the match stands cancelled. While Tinder can be scary to use as well as overwhelming, Bumble is friendlier and also more respectful.


Match is another excellent example of Tinder Alternatives. This is a dating site and app that is very recognizable. And it is also one of the biggest dating sites. Here, it is very likely that you will be able to find a person but keep in mind that this dating site. And app is loaded with members and hence you may feel very intimidated when using it.

Legit Hookup site

If you are looking for legit hookup sites, then the best option is to check out a dating site called Adult Friend Finder. Although Tinder cannot be categorized as a hookup site, Adult Friend Finder is one. It is a huge dating site that has a very large number of members who are ready to try anything including cybersex.

Find a serious relationship

On the other hand, if you are looking for a serious relationship then instead of using Tinder. Why not check out this serious dating site called eHarmony? It is perfect for casual dates as well as for those who want to take their dating experience to a higher level.

Watch out for scammers and fake profiles

Finally, be sure to check out a dating site called Plenty Of Fish. This is one of the oldest dating sites and it caters to the needs of those who are looking for nothing more than a date. The only trouble with using this site is that there are many scammers and fake profiles. So, use this site with caution.