The Ultimate Guide for Seniors Dating Over 60

Senior dating over 60 can all be very tricky especially with the new technology and the changing times. The acknowledgment of senior dating and the need for it, has led to the opening of quite many over 60 and over 70 dating sites. Therefore, there is a need to help these seniors to get the best out of the senior dating sites over 60. The many challenges in this can, thus, be tackled with the proper guidance and here we have some of the Dos and DON'Ts for seniors.

The Dos

The step has got to be finding the best dating site that serves your purpose and makes you feel safe. There are many dating sites for seniors over 60 all with different features chose the one that is simple, secure and one that is fit for your age demands. An example is many sites that are simpler compared to those used by the youths. The best thing is that most of these sites are free to register.

Senior dating does not mostly rely on looks and outward attractiveness like the young generation one. However, creating the best impression is always of great essence, chose your best picture and preferably the most recent one. This helps create an idea of confidence in yourself as well as indicate that you mean business. Apart from this keep a regular update of your profile with those time to time great photos.

It is also of great interest that you keep your profile honest and straightforward. Use your real picture, post the actual information like interests and hobbies about yourself. Keeping it genuine guarantees a like-minded match.

Remember always to maintain your dignity and self-worth. After an extended period of loneliness, one may be desperate and can easily get carried away by the attention from someone. Keep calm and remember you are worth each and every consideration coming your way.

The Don'ts

The primary challenge in these over 60 dating sites are becoming a target of a con artist. It is, therefore, advisable that you do not disclose your personal or financial details to anyone. Many have fallen culprits of scams, and it's best you keep watching.

When going out, ensure that you are comfortable with the person and familiar with the place you are to be. Otherwise, DO NOT go out with a complete stranger whose background you know nothing about.

Do not be overly generous as to give out cash and other gifts to people you have just met online. It is best first to clarify that, they are not there only to exploit your generosity and need for a friend.

Do not be scared or intimidated by anyone or the technology. With the right customer support system on the dating site, you can always be well advised.


Dating over 60 again can be fun. And with the above guidelines the process of finding many great matches is guaranteed. Join the many senior dating sites for over 60, like SinglesOver60 or for the more elderly we have over 70 dating sites and find a reason to smile again.