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You probably thought this was a humoristic rumor that is not true. However, is actually here to help all Trump supporters get together in one online platform and meet each other.

Trump singles are spread all over the United States, unable to find each other on any other online platforms. This is the best way to find an eligible single that shares the same political thesis as you. This is not a prank! You can really find people that voted for Trump. And that means a complete state of mind over several different things.

The Creator of TrumpSingles

In 2006, David Goss launched this site in order to help people who supported Trump get together and express their shared opinions and beliefs. This resulted to a successful online dating site with more than 37,500 users. The next step of Goss is to launch a reality show based on the same political ideas that will also help people get together and meet up.

Why Political Dating Site is Important

It may seems a little much to you. However people with certain political beliefs find it really hard to date and make new relationships. The Democratic have also seen this problem, and they do have a sating site especially for them.

The political beliefs of a Republican and more specifically a Trump supporter are hard to be explained in other people. Republicans often state that it is actually very hard to keep a person interested to you when this type of conversation rise.

This is why it is so important for all those people to have a safe place where they can express themselves into all different aspects and be sure that the other person will not judge them or reject them because of that. The political scene is so divided nowadays that singles from opposed thesis cannot actually be together.

Matching Rates

Though the site was launched in 2006, most of its members started their subscription during the last few months. This is why there is not a high matching percentage at the moment.

The team that operates TrumpSingles has stated that they are expecting some very impressive results over the next couple of months. The traffic is now higher than ever, therefore there are greater chances of actually matching people into successful relationships.

Why Choose

If you are a firm Republican person that does not put aside his political beliefs. Then this is the ideal dating site for you. Unlike many other online communities, this platform will make sure you only communicate and choose people that respect your political beliefs and share the same admiration about Donald Trump.

Get together with all the eligible singles within your area of preference and join forces with another Republican enthusiast. You don't have to hide your thoughts every time you meet a new woman or a man. This way you can be proud of what you believe and find the right match for you.