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It was not all that long ago when online dating was considered a fad, something only for those who could not get out in the world to find their own dates. That view has changed dramatically over the past decade and today online dating is now more popular than ever.

For example, when surveys about online dating first circulated in 2005, most people had very little interaction with this form of dating. Today, roughly 50% of people have either met someone through online dating or know someone who dates online. Thanks to the explosion of apps, people can now meet online, message each other, and set up the first date all from their smartphones.

The facts about online dating have changed considerably over the past few years and the way people perceive dating online has undergone a revolution in this country. Here are just a few of the many startling facts about this industry as gathered by reputable survey companies such as Pew Research - Facts about online dating.

Most People Believe Dating Sites is a Great Way to Meet New People

With so many people now meeting through online websites, it has become commonplace to find someone that under most circumstances you would never meet. The attitudes towards dating sites have changed rapidly thanks to how effective and reliable this service has been for millions of people. While there have been a few stories in the news about online dating that has gone wrong, for the most part this type of dating is now safer and more accepted than ever.

Older People are Dating Online More than Ever

While it is expected that younger people, who grew up with the internet are dating online, there has been a sharp rise in those who are 50 and older that have turned to the online dating scene. In fact, the number of people from 45 to 64 who are now dating online has nearly doubled just in the past few years. With greater access to the internet, particularly with mobile devices, people who are reaching middle age are now dating online more than ever.

Online Dating is Still Growing

Despite the considerable advances made in the realm of online dating, only a fraction of those currently in a committed relationship met online. In fact, only 5% of married or committed couples have reported that their initial meeting was online. This may seem like a very small number, but it is one that is growing thanks to the expanding population and commitments that make traditional meetings less likely to take place. While online dating may never become the primary means people meet, it has become far more significant over time.

Another interesting fact is that up to 30% of women get assistance from their friends to update their profile, more than twice the number of men. While these facts about online dating are interesting, what is certain is that this form of dating will continue to grow over time as it becomes a part of people's daily lives.

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