Safe Tips for Girls Using

So many people want to see the world. Going alone isn't just nerve-wracking but it can be unsafe. What happens if something goes wrong? What if you're attacked or hurt? While your friends may not be able to travel, you don't have to go alone. Miss Travel is an excellent way to always have a travel buddy, but you need to follow some safety tips first.

There are plenty of dangers of travelling with strangers. Following these tips will help you find someone likeminded, who will turn into a friend for life.

Get to Know the Person First

Online dating and meet-up sites are all known as breeding grounds for nefarious individuals. However, MissTravel takes your safety seriously. Individuals go through background checks to make sure they're on the site for travel companions and dates.

That doesn't mean you should trust that a profile is safe right away. The site may not have gotten through the checks. Make sure you get to know whoever your potential travel buddies are. Skype or call them. Discuss personalities and find out more about who they are and what they do.

If you ever get a bad feeling about someone, shut the conversation down and move on. You can even alert MissTravel about the potentially dangerous profile.

Let Your Family and Friends Know

Tell people at home who you are travelling with and where you are going. Make sure as many people as possible know about your plans. If something does happen when you're away, your family will at least know where to start—with a specific profile on the site.

Contact family and friends when you are travelling. Let them know you've made it to your destination safely and organize to contact frequently throughout the trips. You could even set up a window to call. If they don't hear from you by a specific time, they know that there is a problem.

Share the addresses of residences, especially if you are staying somewhere private. Make sure you also know where your embassy is in any country that you visit.

Meet for the First Time Publically

Don't go to someone's house to meet them. You want to meet in public. This is similar to online dating. When you meet in a crowded place, the other person is less likely to attack. After all, there are far too many witnesses. If someone is pushing you to meet in private or in a quiet area, treat it as a red flag.

Before you go to a different country, learn some of the basics of the language. The most important ones include asking for the police or asking for help. Make sure you also know the world "stop." The locals will know you're in danger if something does happen.

Let the individual you're meeting know that you're staying in touch with family. Even if you've not arrange to call family, let the other person think you have. If they believe there is a strong chance of getting caught or raising suspicion then they are less likely to act.

Try to meet someone in your own city or at least your own country. This will offer you a few extra protections before you travel abroad.

MissTravel offers an excellent way to travel with company without being with friends and family. You get the chance to meet new people and explore beautiful sights. You'll gain more confidence by talking to people online first and have something to talk about when you do eventually meet in person. However, there are dangers so make sure you follow the above safety tips.