Online Dating VS Traditional Dating Pros and Cons

Finding a date is never as easy as people make it out to be. Someone in your life has probably offered up tips and advice that changed their life but has absolutely no effect on yours. You probably know someone that met their significant other using one of two methods – an online dating service or traditional dating methods (blind date, chance meeting, etc). The question you must ask yourself is, which one is right for you? Online Dating vs Traditional Dating Pros and Cons:

Traditional Dating Pros and Cons

Traditional dating is just a catchall phrase for many disparate methods of meeting others with a romantic inclination. The most popular traditional dating option is being setup on a blind date. Your friends, or family, tell you this person has a great personality, is fun loving and these other details. Blind dates, or being setup and going on double dates, can often end in at least making a new friend since you have common friends. Making a new friend is more the exception than it is the rule.

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Blind dates can go downhill before you even meet though. Family and friends forget to have a picture of this person, for whatever reason, and have to rely on a description. Often, blind dates end in disaster of some kind. One person, or both people, are simply not interested in the intended matchup. You leave with a bruised ego and possibly a little less trust in a friend or family member and their sense of judgement.

Another popular method of meeting someone new is thinking you will meet that special someone by chance. This is often thought of as chance meeting. Visiting your day to day locations and thinking you will bump into your future romantic interest. One benefit of the chance meeting is that you are familiar with your surroundings. There are less awkward situations, at least environmentally, and you may feel more comfortable somewhere you visit regularly. This is something that MANY people think will happen to them.

The problem with this technique is two-fold. First, would you recognize a romantic interest if they just appeared one day during your regular routine? Second, how do you know the other person is interested in returning the interest and is not involved already? Bruised ego and embarrassment are both easily earned when depending on the chance meeting.

At least a blind date gives you the security that the person you are meeting is interested in meeting someone too.

Online Dating Pros and Cons

Online dating is a newer method of meeting others for romantic interludes. Older generations are just now finding out about online dating while younger generations have been enjoying the benefits for years. Online dating today is truly for all generations. No matter your age, race or creed, there is a best dating site available to cater to your needs.

Finding a romantic accomplice online is easy once you find a dating site or app you like. From paid membership options to the free ones, they share most of the same pitfalls and benefits.

Meeting online gives you direct control over who you put yourself out there to meet. Contact occurs through the app or site and is usually text till you are comfortable transitioning to a more personal method of communication. This gives both people time to get to know each other and get comfortable without the awkward moments a face to face first meeting would bring.

Another benefit is, if the communication is not going well, you can simply stop talking with them and even block them on most dating services so they cannot bother you anymore. Keep in mind, blocking them often only works if you have not exchanged phone numbers or any other communication options. If you have, you should check with each method to see what your blocking options are.

Additionally, online dating affords the opportunity to interact with more than one romantic interest at a time. This can narrow down potential future dates giving you time to focus on people that really are interesting to you. It could be viewed as "playing the field" or similar term but when you are single, what is the harm in making sure you are choosing the right person to be romantic with?

Pitfalls of online dating are many, and they are harder to get out of once you fall into one. For one, just as easily as you communicate with potential dates, those same people can communicate with others about you (good or bad). If you get a reputation of dating a lot of people, then be prepared for that reputation to catch up with you quicker than it would if you were using a traditional dating method.

Just like you can bounce around between multiple dating sites, apps, and services, so are other people. Keep in mind that the person you are talking to using one service could easily be the same person under a different screen name, changed up credentials and different profile picture, on another service. This could easily be considered a bad situation as you potentially communicate with the same person thinking they are two different people.

Online dating also has the effect of causing both parties to have an inflated sense of what the other will be like. This leads to an early sense of disappointment when meeting in person. Other than being brutally honest with each other during the early stages, there are not many options to keep this from happening. Everyone talks themselves up at least a little bit. Whether in the looks area or activities or another area, everyone has a tendency to inflate the truth a bit.

Traditional dating and online dating both have concerns to consider along with their own set benefits. It is up to you to decide which is the best option for you and your romantic interests. No matter which you choose, please practice safety and in meeting strangers. Meet in well lit, busy areas, that offer some form of security (either in person or video). Coffee shops are good options, as are public meeting areas at malls or in front of large department stores. Remember, no matter what you were told by others or what you were told via an online chat box, you don't truly know the person you are meeting.

Article: Online Dating VS Traditional Dating Pros and Cons

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