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Whatever you're looking for in a match, OKcupid is a great site to check them out. One-night stand, life-long plans and everything in-between and outside of. OKcupid uses a mathematically based pairing system to hook you up with potential matches.

Don't expect to just fill out a couple of questions and let this site do the work, because with OKcupid…it takes a large part of participation on your end to pair you with the most compatible members. Some see it at as multiple tests, but to get closer and closer to your best matches, OKcupid uses questionnaires filled out both by you and your potential matches to get you closest to your best mate.

You will be able to browse through and check out pictures of people closest to your number matches. As you scan, add the people you have an eye on by clicking 'like'. Then, after you've clicked like you will be alerted to the fact, if and when that person likes you back. If the person you've liked likes you back or vice versa you will receive a 'It's a match' message. After one or both of you receives this message, you'll have the option to message them and get things going!

Privacy is a serious matter at OKcupid. There are a number of features available to ensure your privacy when browsing and using the site. You can choose to hide your face, make your profiles view-able only to other OKcupid members and the option to deactivate or delete your profile. Make sure you use a memorable password when creating a profile, as you will need it to deactivate or delete your account even if you're logged in at the time you are trying to do so.

Again, whether you are looking for a hookup that is local to your town or a pen pal from all the way across the world, you can make it happen with OKcupid. The dating site has apps available for all types of smartphones, so you can use OKcupid from your home or from the train. These easy features and apps make OKcupid very desirable to large amounts of people, it has been voted highly on several different polls.

Another reason why OKcupid is high on our review scale is that it is FREE, yes free. Well…for the most part it is free. All of the features previously mentioned in this review are available for free, but we've noticed that you are unable to see who 'likes' you if you do not like them too, without upgrading. OKcupid has some amazing features for free which makes it a top choice for dating sites and we're sure that the upgraded version probably offers some even cooler features.

This entry was posted by Admin on 07/01/2016