Advice for Singles: How to Get a Date from an App

Did you know online dating has moved to mobile? There are now apps for smartphones to get a date. But how do you use them effectively? Just how can you increase your chances of getting a date from an app? Here are some top tips to follow to help you.

How to Get a Date

Get the Perfect Profile Picture

There's no need to upload a blurry, unattractive profile picture. Filters will make any image look bright, cheerful, and impressive. It's time to get creative and use your Instagram to your advantage—no need to pay for an expensive camera!

If you don't have a profile picture at all, you're only going to show up in around 5% of app searches. And then you won't get many people getting in touch. Would you talk to someone without a profile photo? It's all about making the best first impressions.

Add a few images to your dating profile. This shows people a little more of what they can expect. If you say you're adventurous, don't forget to include a few snaps of yourself hiking, biking, or parachuting!

Show Don't Tell Your Personality

Showing off your personality is so much better than telling someone what you're like. If you think you're funny, create a funny profile that makes the other person laugh. If you love sarcasm, write your profile with it. Don't forget to show your bubbly and adventurous side through photos (back to the first point again!).

Too many people use up their words through telling. Your profile won't stand out from the rest. A great profile description will draw attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

Find Shared Interests with People

While you may want someone who is exciting, not sharing interests will make a successful date difficult. You need to have something in common, even if it's the types of books you like to read or industry you work in. Shared interests will give you something instant to talk about, making both of you comfortable before getting into other questions.

Even if you're on the best dating apps for relationships, you'll find it difficult to move forward without shared interests. You won't like anything the other person talks about and vice versa. The idea of a second date will be soul-destroying.

When you have shared interests, you'll have plenty of fun. You'll both laugh at similar jokes and find the same place for a date exciting.

Read Between the Lines

People lie. It really is as simple as that. This is far more problematic on dating sites. People want you to see the best part of them. You'll do the same.

You're not going to tell someone that you pick your nose and eat the bogies, will you? This isn't exactly romantic or appealing! It's something saved for when you're more comfortable together.

But that doesn't mean you should expect bold-face lies. If someone is going to lie about their hair colour, schooling, or height, then there's a chance that they're lying about other things. And it's a sign they will lie in the future. You want to get out while you can.

You'll also want to consider this when writing your own profile. Don't embellish the truth. Be honest. There is someone out there who appreciates you for you—just skip the bogy-eating for now!

Creating the perfect profile is more than just getting the perfect picture—although that is extremely important. You want to catch the attention with a personality-fuelled bio and killer supplementary images. Don't embellish the truth, but be ready to read between the lines when looking at others' profiles to get a great date from a dating app.