How the Mobile Effect is Changing Online Dating

There is little doubt that mobile devices are taking over the internet. Today, more people surf the web using their smartphones and tablets as compared to computers and laptops. This shift in usage of devices has creating a powerful effect when it comes to online dating. The so-called "mobile effect" is arguably the most potent of all online dating trends.

What is the Mobile Effect?

Because mobile devices rely on firing off quick texts and messages, this particular online dating trend is the use of short, concise messages to communicate, get to know each other, and eventually meet on an actual date.

The effect itself is to create shorter, more concise conversations that lead to either attraction or dismissal as a dating possibility. The mobile effect is so potent in terms of online dating trends because it is based on how people communicate today as compared to before mobile devices and social media came to the forefront.

Unfortunately, the biggest side effect from this trend is that people are simply not getting to know each other very well before making the decision to proceed forward or step away. The reason for this is fairly simple, texting is really meant for people that know each other pretty well already and not for getting to know someone.

How to Address the Mobile Effect

Before the days of mobile devices, most people would communicate across the internet via emails. Sending out emails was somewhat time consuming as compared to the text-friendly mobile devices of today. However, emails and longer-form messages are far more conducive to getting to know someone as opposed to today's mobile effect.

So, initiating longer messages to get to know each other better is one way to counteract the negative ramifications of the mobile effect. You should get into the habit of sending longer, more meaningful messages in order for your intended date to get to know you better. Even if it is one-sided in terms of how long the messages you send as opposed to what you receive, at least the other person is getting to know more about you. Breaking away from the mobile effect can make a profound difference if both of you are on the same track.

Of course, once you do get to know each other the mobile effect becomes less pronounced. Plus, it is a great way to send off a quick message when only a short reply is needed. If they have a question that only requires a short response, you can answer it with a text. However, if you are asked something that requires more thought, then you should respond quickly to let them know you received the message and then take the time to properly respond.

The mobile effect is arguably the most pronounced of all online dating trends and it is one that can be quite detrimental when not fully understood. However, it can also be quite useful for sending short messages only and making sure that you are properly answering those that require more thought and contemplation.

This entry was posted by Admin on 05/24/2016