Freakouts She Might Be Thinking Before You Come

5 minutes… 10 minutes… 30 minutes… Is she getting late? Will she show up? How do I look? I'm freaking out. My hands are getting sweaty.

Sounds familiar? Have you caught up in the same scenario where you are overthinking whether your much-awaited date would show up in a night you've meticulously and expensively prepared? It's undeniably frightening, isn't it?! You're freaking out to the thought of you waiting for him or her with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The vibe of the night is intimately romantic, of course. A classic love song is playing on the radio or accompanied by an acoustic band. With the dimming of the lights transcends others to notice the beautiful candle lights you've arranged for your lovely date. The roses are there, but she's running late or most likely, at the brink of not showing up. How would you feel?

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Showing up on a date

This scenario goes along with most blind dates nowadays or for first timers in an instance especially when online dating was introduced to the worldwide web. Dating could be more uncertain than ever. Showing up on a date takes an enormous amount of courage and humility. We've surveyed the examples of these quotations, putting them in a scenario when the venue is ready; they are set, but the date is not yet around. And here are the top compilations of what would their reactions be like. Are you ready? When you get tangled into this kind of situation, will you also be questioning yourself these freakout quotations when your date is more likely not to show up?

The most used freaking out thoughts:

  • "Do I look gorgeous or handsome on this dress/suit?"
  • "Do I look fat seating like this? Or like this?"
  • "What would our conversation be like?"
  • "How will I handle the awkwardness? Will I crack a joke?"
  • "If he/she cracks a joke, should I laugh even though it's corny?"
  • "Will I order for her? What if she doesn't like the delicacies that I've ordered?"
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These are just 33 of the most used freaking out thoughts when a date is patiently waiting for his/her special someone to show up. Have you mentioned some of them on a date? Oh! That's normal, don't worry. This only means that you truly care for your date, but if you would observe the list, it measures a person's patience and what his/her mind can do in nerve-wrecking times like these. It's crazy and funny at the same time. It begins from superficial to ideological, and it's totally hilarious!

We can go on and on in this list because there are more things you could ask yourself if your date is running a bit late. You, what are your 33 freakouts during a date or more? What's your favorite quotation among them all? This goes to show that whatever the time is or how good-naturedly you've waited for your date, at the end of the day, when he/she shows up, all of these washes away, gone with the wind. Take note of this: it is always advisable to be there early before he/she arrives as a sign of respect, interest, sincerity, and affection towards your date, though maybe, just maybe (no pun intended), there's a possibility that it's just not your lucky day. Oops! I hope it's the other way around.

Share to us the 33 freakouts your date will most likely have while waiting for you to show up or is the other way around? Happy date night everyone!

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