Founder of eHarmony and His Dating Empire

For Dr. Neil Clark Warren, helping people find love is his business. The 81-year old remains committed to this cause, 16 years after founding eHarmony. As the current CEO and co-founder of the site, Dr. Neil Clark looks raring to go despite his advanced age. Having been married for nearly 6 decades, Dr. Neil has a wealth of experience to share on marriage life. He had to come out of retirement 4 years ago to revive eHarmony.

Education and Early Careers

Dr. Warren was first became a clinical psychologist, a theologian, professor and finally, the chairman and founder of eHarmony site. He earned his degree in divinity and later, a P.HD in psychology. He has been a dean and a psychologist at the Fuller Theological Seminary and authored several books. His publications have been featured in various magazines and journals. He has also been interviewed in thousands of radio and T.V programs.

21 years ago, he combined efforts with his son-in-law to found an associate company to teach what he had written in his books. A redesign of the company in 2000 saw the creation of eHarmony. The basis of the company was to help in compatibility matching.


Dr.Warren officially retired in 2007 but took up an active role in the management of eHarmony in 2012. This forces him out of his retirement.

Interest in compatibility

He took interest in compatibility quite early in his career life. Dr Warren observed that his parents were married for 70 years. Even for such a long marriage life, he says that it pained that there was a communication barrier between them .Interest and intelligence played a big role in the break up in communication.

Lack of match was attributed for the poor relationship between warren's parents. The father, he would recall, was way too intelligent for his mother.

35 years later

It is as a result of the early happenings in his parent's marriage that motivated him to found eHarmony, 35 years after practising as a psychologist. He advises people looking to take their time to find their perfect matches.

The rough patch

It has not been smooth sailing for him and his site. The company has faced legal suit ostensibly for its alleged biasness over the gay couples. It was a tough time for him because out of the suit, the site lost a record 350,000 members. The evangelical stand of the site under his leadership is believed to be the reason why it was viewed to be anti-gay. Dr.Warren counters this view, saying that his site, instead, relies on a certain algorithm to match people. There are 29 compatibility dimensions used to match people, including gays and lesbians.


It has not been a mean fit, being able to match up to 2 million people. The result has been many marriages, against all odds.

Active users

EHarmony has an active user base of 770,000 users who pay monthly subscription to access some of the features such as compatible Partners Service

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