Facts You Don`t Know About Online Dating

Not too long ago, online dating websites was considered as last chance to find love, and it was stigmatized as something that online the hopeless and desperate resort to. But, with the social media's popularity skyrocketing, it doesn't come as surprise that online dating became more widely popular and is now considered as second best way to start a relationship.

But is dating site really a great way to find your soul mate?

We've all heard the horror stories and the success fairytales of online dating world. It wouldn't be fair to completely write off online dating, but it's also not realistic to claim that it's a great way to start a relationship, when in reality, chances for that to happen are really small.

If you wonder why that is, here is our list of top 3 reasons that make online dating bad idea:

The Best Dating Sites? Free sites are too casual, paid ones are for the hopeless

Dating sites or apps that require you to pay a subscription fee are now stigmatized in the way every form of online dating was- membership with these sites will make you seem desperate, and give off the impression you are so hopeless to find someone that you will pay a handsome monthly fee, rather to risk your chances with free dating sites.

On the other hand, on popular free sites and apps-, all you need to start dating is to click a few times, so people join in for a myriad of reasons- and the least number of them because they're interested in a serious relationship, with more people joining just to find an easy way to get laid.

It's easier to lie

When hiding behind a screen, it's much easier to lie about yourself. There are no nonverbal cues that could tip you off, and there's nothing stopping you from creating a fictive persona in order to attract people. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of people do, more or less. Some keep it at the level of saying what they think people would like to hear, like "I love long walks" or "I love travelling", but others go as far as blatantly lying about themselves, about everything from their jobs, places they live or even how they look- it's not at all hard to put a fake photo to your profile, which can cause some really unpleasant surprises.

It's harder to connect to people

Aside from generic profiles with basic, shallow information, it's hard to really get to know someone online. And even if you try to, it always leaves you with the problem of high expectations when real-life date actually happens- your date might not be as eloquent and funny as he seemed online, he might have lied about his looks, or everything just gets awkward because you experience first real contact after ages of talking to someone. Either way, it all makes for a confusing and unsuccessful strategy if you really wish to form a meaningful relationship with someone.

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