Looking for Dating Someone With Herpes? What Women & Men Should Know

You might have seen so many people who don't like to talk about sexuality and other sexual health issues so commonly. But sometimes it becomes essential to discuss about issues as it has great impact on your life and also on someone else. Here we are talking about the big decision of your life i.e. dating with herpes where you both need to discuss about sexual issues to stay safe and protected.

If you know that you are dating with herpes then it means your partner has shows great courage to tell you the truth. May be it was hard to accept for you and you have accepted it after discovering those strange blisters around their private parts and mouth. But, as now the truth is revealed so you need to think hard about it. This article will let you know about few important tips that are essential to follow if you are dating someone with herpes. Your sexual relationship demands more care. Genital herpes and the cold sores on month, they both have almost same medical condition. The major difference lies somewhere in stigma which associates that herpes infection and can travel from one person to another via sexual contact.

Note that, when you hold a true relationship then you both need to be understanding and caring about each other, even if any one of you is suffering with herpes. And the good news here is that Herpes are treatable so it is not going to cause a big disturbance in your relationship or life. All that matters at this stage is your support and care for your partner.

Here are few important Tips for dating with a Partner who is suffering with Herpes:

1. Collect the facts:

When issues are emotionally charged then it is essential to grab the facts first. Most of you will have least idea about what herpes are and how they get developed. If you work for collection of knowledge and facts then it will help you as well as your partner to feel comfortable about the truth.

There is huge information available about herpes over internet so you can prefer to read that educational material.

2. Get yourself Tested:

Once you have gone through all the facts and have collected some idea about this disease then it is right time to consult doctor. Ask your partner first whether they have verified herpes with right medical practitioner or not. Hopefully, they must have undergone the blood test.

Now you need to move to the doctor. It will help you to know whether you are safe till the time or it has been transferred to your body too. Actually, stats reveal that almost 70 percent people don't know that they are suffering with herpes and this lack of information leads to big troubles at later stage.

Note that if you both are positive then you can enjoy tension free and healthy sexual intimacy because it cannot be transferred to someone who is already positive. There are so many dating sites for people with herpes(Singles looking for someone with herpes to date go to this page.) like and people are enjoying healthy relationships.

3. It is time to show positive side of your trust and support:

Your partner at this stage needs your support and encouragement from your side. Spare some time to understand what they feel, look into their eyes, listen to their heart and give them a real hug. May be you both will cry together. Discuss about the virus and collect some information about how they feel to live with it. The best trick is to listen them carefully. Initiate your talk at right times; this call can be established in early evening; it is good not to start such talk when you get sexual with each other.

4. Educate yourself:

The most effective idea is to gain more and more information about this disease so that you can avail right facts about prevention and treatment. Ignorance can lead to trouble for longer run and it can bring your relationship into risk. So it is good to work with some good resource, start searching on Google or talk to some professionals to get information about nature of this virus. Dating with genital herpes is something like dating with people that are suffering with cold sores; they are like oral herpes. It may look somewhat awkward but note that it cannot create any barrier to your True Love.

5. Take the Big decision:

It is up to you whether you want to stay with someone who is suffering with herpes virus or you want to move on. When you share a true bond of relationship then you will find it much easier to take decision. At the ground stage, it will appear like some skin issue and your meaningful and powerful love can recover all the troubles soon.

But, in case if you have just moved into this relationship and your partner told you about their herpes then you can ask yourself the big question: whether you should stay or move forward?

The critical decisions may influence your life; if you are not too serious about your relationship then you will definitely choose to move forward. It may create a pain for you to live with someone who has herpes.

6. Ensure proper medication for your partner:

Before you carry on your sexual intimacy in your relationship, ensure that your partner is taking right medication as suggested by medical professional. A suppressive medication can help to reduce the transmission problem.

Now, if you know that your partner is continuing all the medications properly and you wish to enjoy the intimacy then what? Actually, it is time to help your partner to feel comfortable and confident. Handle all issues with love and move on at slower pace when you are dating with herpes. Enjoy little kisses and the true care for each other.

Here are few important things that you need to add to your sexual life to avoid viruses:

  • Prefer to wear condom in order to avoid transmission.
  • Ensure regular suppressive medication of your partner.
  • Avoid sexual contact right after, during or before outbreaks.

The best part is here for you; if you follow all these tips and preventive measures then it is possible to reduce virus spread chances below 3%. Many people throughout the world are enjoying dating someone with herpes and are still safe.

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