TOP 5 Best Sugar Daddy Sites (2017)

Sugar daddy dating is a growing trend and has become immensely popular for rich and prosperous men. In a few years dozens of sugar daddy sites have come up and you would need to know how to segregate the good ones from the average propositions. There are of course some sugar daddy dating platforms that are outright poor. Here is a list of the five best sugar daddy websites and their offical site links.


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SugarDaddyMeet is considered by many to be the sheer best among sugar daddy dating sites. It has been around for more than sixteen years now. It was one of the first such sites and it was also one of the first dating sites in general to have an authentication process so users could be protected from scams. The website has always made an effort to ensure there are real people as members and that people can actually find what the site promises at the outset. Your quest for finding a sugar baby or sugar daddy has the best chance on SugarDaddyMeet.

The site's present authentication process involves confirmation of a photograph, verification of income, occupation and age. This process is free and users get a verified tag for their profile. There's standard membership which is free and there's gold membership. Free membership obviously has limited features. Gold membership would cost you $50 for a month's trial, $90 for three months and $144 for six months. There may be offers and the fees may change over time of course.

The site is rich in features. There's an online chat, email correspondence, blogs and forums, members can get noticed using their interactions on the threads and discussions, you can use multiple photos and use the matchmaking algorithm.


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SugarDaddyForMe has been around for twelve years now and has one of the largest databases for sugar babies looking for sugar daddies and vice versa. There are more than four million members already registered with the site and it is estimated more than two thousand new users, including sugar daddies and sugar babies, sign up for the three day trial membership which is for free.

Needless to say it is one of the oldest sites in the niche, surely not the oldest, and it is among the more popular sites. There is the element of uncertainty however since the exponential increase in membership does come at a cost.

Unlike SugarDaddyMeet, SugarDaddyforMe doesn't have a stringent authentication process. There are many sugar daddy wannabes on the site. You will have to be meticulous in their assessment and cautious before heading out for dates or getting into any kind of relationship without terms. The terms must be laid out very clearly at the onset so there is no confusion.

Finding dates on the site is no big deal but there will be the odd surprises. Some sugar daddies will not follow up, some prospects will not really be interested in getting into the terms but would only confine themselves to the initial dates and there can be some scammers. This is not unique for this website but given the large database, the chances of meeting a prospective sugar daddy is just as much as meeting a wannabe.

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SeekingArrangement has been around for a little over a decade. Founded by MIT graduate Brandon Wade in San Francisco, California in 2006. There are more than five million people using the site, making it one of the largest and most popular sites for sugar daddies and sugar babies. The company has three offices, one in Vegas, another in Singapore and the third one in Ukraine.

SeekingArrangement has a straightforward proposition. The sugar daddies would enter an agreement with sugar babies. The terms are agreed upon and the whole arrangement is made lucid. However, there lies a problem in this proposition too.

Many women are not really seeking straight out terms and don't want a onetime incidental date or sex. Many women want an interesting relationship wherein the allowance is a part of the deal, not the only element of the arrangement.

SeekingArrangement has encouraged many sugar babies who simply want to get paid for their time and also for sex. This can be off-putting for those looking for a meaningful association. There are sugar daddies that look for meaningful time spent with sugar babies but there is the other kind where the focus is more on one-off dates or one night stand.

For women who are looking for lucid arrangements, which could be one date or a perennial association, either exclusive or otherwise, this can be a great site. Lately, there have been members or prospective sugar daddies who are not very rich and hence sugar babies will have to sift through the profiles to have the finest picks.


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Perhaps the second oldest site in this niche, Sugar Daddie was launched way back in 2002. The website doesn't make any claim of having millions of members. Instead, it modestly claims some thousands of beautiful women and successful men. The profiles of members are reviewed, for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. This is helpful since members can be a little assured of actually using their time to find some potential sugar daddies or sugar babies.

Many other sites fail to have this vetting process which makes users vulnerable. The website is also for the serious sugar babies and sugar daddies out there. This is perhaps not the best site for beginners or those who don't really know if they are into this dating sugar daddies or sugar babies for the long haul. In a way, SugarDaddie is for the matured and the experienced sugar daddies and sugar babies. The risks of getting conned or wasting time are almost nonexistent on this site.


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Established Men claims to have a substantial database of girls attending college. This has made it a desirable platform for young and old entrepreneurs and businessmen. The website makes a conscious attempt to keep sugar daddy wannabes out of the website. The women signing up can be relatively sure of getting to meet men who are actually rich and well established.

There are no mobile apps or free memberships on this site. The free membership trials on many sites have opened the floodgates for prospective sugar daddies who don't have the means to be one. That is not a case with EstablishedMen. Perhaps that is why young girls find this website safer and more reassuring.

Low rating sugar daddy sites couldn't meet our expectations:

Completely free to send and receive messages. No premium membership to worry about. Finding a sugar baby has never been easier. If you are a business executive, doctor, lawyer, or another professional then you know privacy is required in all that you do. understands that and gives all its members the utmost privacy available. There is a blog available to learn more about the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby lifestyle.

When picking a Sugar Daddy site you need to check it out a bit first. is very much worth your time. First, there is a two-day free "full" site pass available. Charges appear under a discreet name and search function is detailed. The site, before signing up, features some of the Sugar Babies that you can expect to find after joining. This is helpful in getting an idea of the quality, in looks, of a sampling of Sugar Babies (includes their city and age along with a photo).

Don't let the name fool you, is not your typical Sugar Daddy dating site. Your privacy is held in the utmost highest level via state of the art data encryption. According to their site, they guarantee there are more Sugar Babies than there are Sugar Daddies on their service. We cannot verify that but we do like the data encryption being put front and foremost for new members. stands out for the state of the art encryption of data and protection given to members. They also claim more female than male members.

Taking things a step further in finding your Sugar connection is where features are key. Members are free to contact each other with just a basic membership. You can also post more than one picture to their profiles, save searches, and create Hot Lists of members of interest. Free Members can also see who has them on a Hot List which can help facilitate matches.

This website stands out for its expansive options in searching for matches and for blocking other members. Also, being able to post up to 10 pictures to your profile increases chances of attracting the right match.

You should know that what works for someone may not work exactly the same way for someone else. The experience on each of these sugar daddy sites to find a sugar daddy could be similar or dissimilar depending on who you meet and how you go about your interactions. It is better to go with safer sites that offer authentication for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. If testing the waters is what interests you now then you may try the free memberships and see how things turn out. For serious long term associations, consider the sugar daddy sites that require authentication.