2017 Best Free Christian Dating Apps Top 7

Many dating apps are designed to reach out to the masses, but there are others that are more niche. They help you connect to specific types of people, with certain views and interests. This is certainly the case with Christian dating apps. You don't need to worry about being attracted to someone, only to later find out they have no belief system or they don't share the same beliefs as you.

Christian dating apps like Tinder definitely make online dating easier, since you can do it all on the go. You need to find apps like Tinder to narrow down your search. Here are reviews of the top seven Christian dating apps.

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No.1 ChristianCafe

Want to sign up to a company that has years of experience in the online dating world? ChristianCafe has been around since 1999 and has now stepped into the world of smartphones and swiping. You can use both the app and the online platform if you want, allowing you to connect in a way that suits you.

It's possible to communicate for up to 10 days without paying. You do need a photo if you want the full 10 days, otherwise it's 7 days. This is a good chance to find out more about some of the people who interest you the most. Memberships are affordable and well worth the money with such a trusted platform.

When you sign up, there's the chance to fill out a multiple choice questionnaire. This is to find out more about you and make sure the site connects you with like minded local Christians in your area. Narrow down your search to make sure you get the most out of your free trial.

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ChristianCafe Costs: $34.97/Mo

No.2 LDSmate

LDSmate one of the best lds dating apps is very similar to Tinder, with many more features. One of the best things about this is app is that it's completely free for you to use. There are no in-app purchases and you definitely don't need a profile to connect with like-minded Christian singles in your area.

When you use the app, there's a "Spark" game to play. You get the chance to find people that you have an instant chemistry with, based on interests and preferences.

Some of the Christian dating apps out there tend to ignore the Mormon category. LDSmate definitely doesn't. The site owners have the view that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is a Christian, and that includes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Literally, every Christian denomination is included within the app, helping you to find someone with the mutual beliefs and interests.

You don't just have to find a date, either. The app is set up to allow you to make new friends in your local area.

There's no need to sign in with a social media account. LDSmate offers the ability to sign up by email, helping to protect your privacy. You can just right in and start using the app immediately.

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LDSmate Costs: Free

No.3 ChristianMingle

ChristianMingle is an app available on both Google Play and iTunes. You won't just find someone of the Christian religion, but you'll find people who follow the same denomination as you. Every Christian denomination is included, whether you're an Anglican, Evangelical, Methodist, or more! The app is designed to help you narrow down your search and only connect with people who will respect you for you. You get to chat in real-time, and narrow the searches to only those in the local area. The messaging system gives you chance to connect before you meet, so you can ensure there's that spark that will ignite the fire of love.

It's completely free to join and browse. You will need to pay if you want to receive and send messages, though. At least the free profile gives you the chance to see if there are people on there to match with.

There is also the option to see who has viewed your profile. This is a great way to see if they're interesting and you can then send a "smile" to catch their attention again.

If you're stuck at any time, ChristianMingle has one of the best customer support centres out there. They will help to troubleshoot app issues and help you understand more about how it all works.

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ChristianMingle Costs: $34.99/Mo

No.4 CrossPaths

Looking for a site more like Tinder, but just with Christians? CrossPaths is the closest of the lot. You literally have the swipe right and swipe left functions to decide whether you want to find out more or move on.

You don't just have to limit yourself to a specific denomination of the Christian faith. There's the chance to choose your spectrum to give you more chance to find a person that perfectly matches your personality. Once you swipe right you get to chat in free time.

Unlike many other dating apps, there are no costs involved with CrossPaths. It's completely free to start chatting, but there are optional upgrades if you're like to pay for them.

One of the downsides is that you have to connect through Facebook. There isn't an email registration option or the option to connect with a different profile. This is supposed to help the app learn more about who you are, so you can connect with more people you'll have chemistry with.

Worried about meeting up with unscrupulous people. CrossPaths understands the danger, which is why social events and sponsored mixers are created. You can arrange to meet at one of these, and then build the relationship from there. However, if you do want to meet face-to-face on your own, that's possible.

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CrossPaths Costs: $9.99/Mo


ChristianSlide is a fun Christian dating app that is very much like Tinder. Slide right to open up the ability to chat with singles in your area and meet with them in person.

It's possible to filter your connections by more than just the Christian religion. You can find people of the same denomination and those who are local to you. Like any dating app, you can filter by age and interests. It's also possible to filter by church attendance to make sure you find someone who have the same level of faith as you.

Once you're connected from the initial look, you can view the profile in full and get connected. This is the chance to chat and find out more about each other, allowing you to meet in the future.

The app is constantly being updated. The developers listen to what users want to make sure it offers everything needed. The Customer Support is also good to make sure you have the best possible experience.

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Download Link: iTunes

ChristianSlide Costs: $10.99/Mo


CDFF stands for Christian Dating for Free. Yes it is exactly as it sounds. The app is completely free to download and use. You will find single Christians in your area and get to chat, without spending a penny.

This is one of the largest dating apps around, helping Christians to connect on a spiritual level. You can filter by denomination and by deepness of faith to make sure you find someone you can definitely connect to. There are no hidden fees within the system. All you have to do is swipe and chat.

To make sure you're constantly happy the Customer Support works around the clock to make sure all profiles are genuine. If there are scammers or fake people, the owners of the app will find them and eliminate them. You can feel confident that you will find the right person for you, as many others have already found their soul mates.

It's possible to use the app without creating a profile. This is your chance to browse through other Christians and find out if the app is worth it. You will need a profile to start chatting and for people to find you! Once registered, you can instantly start using the app to get in touch with local Christians.

This is an app that works around the world. You also have the ability to create an account without social media to protect your privacy.

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Christian Dating for Free Costs: $18.99/Mo

No.7 ChristianCupid

The last Christian dating app on the list is ChristianCupid. This is perfect for not just finding your soul mate but for making Christian friends. You can connect with people all over the world, helping you find the perfect person.

It's possible to start a new profile through the dating app instantly, so you get to start chatting right away. This is another site that is completely free to join and start browsing. There's a three month free trial to take advantage of, where you can use the messaging system, update your profile, and get instant notifications. If you love it, you can choose to upgrade your membership at any time.

ChristianCupid allows you to filter by denomination, so you can find Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran, and more with a quick filter search. It's also possible to see how long someone has been active for to know whether they are worth your time.

When two people make a note that they're interested in each other, the app will push through a notification. You then have the option to message them or you can decline if you've since decided against it.

Now that you have your options, it's time to escape in the world of Christian dating apps. You'll take out some of the guessing, and be able to find someone who connects with you on a deeper level than just an interest in dating.

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ChristianCupid Costs: $20.99/Mo

Enjoy your dating experience. Meet people that don't just become partners, but also become friends. Download at least one of the best Christian dating apps above and you will find the perfect match.

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