The Best Dating Sites for Over 50 | Top 5

Online dating was once frowned upon. Then it became fashionable and eventually it became more than just another vogue. Today, online dating is as much a norm as social networking. Similarly, dating was stringently a premise for the young, the restless, the noncommittal singles and fast moving professionals or adolescents looking for a quick hook up with no strings attached. While there remains a large section of daters who still look for the same outcome, the premise of dating is no longer confined to the youth.

Over 50 Dating Sites for older people is very much in and it is not just vogue. It is practical, necessary and satiating. Online dating for older people aged 50 and 55 or above would have been elusive had there been a dearth of credible sites. The realm of online dating is mired in uncertainty which is made worse by shady websites, unreliable companies running their spam campaigns and outright falsehood that dons the camouflage of data.

To make your quest simpler and more assailable. We have sifted through the mazes of online dating websites and we bring to you the five best dating sites for over 50.



Match is one of the most popular dating websites in the world right now. It is perhaps the most popular in the niche of over 50 dating. There are more than four and a half million users who are active in a month. There has been a steady and sharp increase in the numbers over the last few years, which is a clear indication of the growing popularity of the site. The rise of popularity of the site is also an indication of the growing interest of older people and their intent to try online dating.

Match is a simple website with all necessary features that make for a convenient user experience. The live chat feature is very useful. The easy layout, convenient navigation and fluff-free design help over 50 or over 55 older people who don't need constant pop-ups and concealed gems here and there.

As is the case with most dating websites for seniors or older people. has a staggering number of members based in the United States and Canada. You may get lucky if you are based somewhere beyond North America but the prospects are certainly less encouraging.



SeniorMatch has managed to tread where doesn't want to go. Despite the genuine intentions of, it hasn't really emerged as completely dedicated to people over fifty. There is a multitude of differences between fifty and forty, thirty and twenty five when it comes to online dating.

SeniorMatch has convincingly grabbed the bull by its horns. It has bracketed the age limits. The website welcomes people over fifty but doesn't allow people aged below thirty to become members. For more than a decade and a half, SeniorMatch has maintained its age bracket. That shows the commitment of the website to its stated cause. is the best dating site for people over fifty looking for a date online. Not only because of the prospects it offers but also owing to the holistic guide.

This over 50 dating site makes an attempt to ensure older people are not ripped off or taken advantage of. It consistently provides tips and extensive guides to protect one's identity, to stay away from spam and also to get more aware about online security. Not everyone above fifty is naturally conscious and aware of treats in the cyber world.



The dating site eHarmony is in a league of its own. It may not be as known as because of limited advertising. It may not be as highly rated by reviewers as However, there are reports inferring that around 4% of marriages in the United States right now are originating from online dates facilitated by That is a staggering ratio and considering it factors in all marriages and not just marriages among people over 50 is all the more impressive.

What it tells you is the dating site works like magic. There are real people out there as members and that the people are looking for meaningful exchanges. It is not just about hooking up or casually chatting for hours. There are real dates, real potential for a relationship and those budding bonds are transforming to marriage.

eHarmony has more than fifteen million members, easily one of the largest dating sites in the world. There is a matching system and its automated functioning is relevant. The information provided is processed very well and matches are appropriate. The site does most of the stuff that you would have to do on other dating portals. Using the site is sheer joy and amazing fun.



EliteSingles is exactly what its name says it is. It is a dating platform for mature singles over 50 who are doing better in life than the lesser mortals, who have a penchant for the sophistries of the world, have interest in larger and more important affairs than just personal needs, and those who are ambitious and have lucid goals. Elite Singles have members who are educated, elegant and looking for likeminded accomplished personalities.

EliteSingles has a psychology test which every member must take. There is no exception. The comprehensive test assesses the psyches of the members and find matches based on the assessments. Members can be sure of getting suggestions based on the psychological profiles and other preferences that one would voluntarily choose.

There is no need to browse through innumerable profiles only to find out how unsuitable they are. And there is no need to chat or interact with people who wouldn't interest you and you can look for exactly the kind of relationship you want, which could be one date or a lifelong partnership. is particularly interesting for people older than 50 because typically that is when one has the riches to assure sustained prosperity.


NO.5 >> is a part of OurTime Community of People Media. OurTime Community also owns and operates and When you sign up with OurTime, your profile is naturally available and accessible throughout the OurTime Community. You don't have to pay anything extra for that. This is a bonus since more people will get to know about your profile and may express interest. Chances of getting date are obviously enhanced.

OurTime is one of the best dating sites for over 50. The database is multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual. You are likely to find people from all around the world. The website itself is simple, the web design is clean and using it is a cakewalk for even those who are not very accustomed with online dating or browsing dating sites. OurTime is an effective site. You will find real interesting people aged fifty and above and a bit younger as well.

Low Rating Over 50 Dating Sites

Here are some websites couldn't meet our expectations:

Layout of website is not so user friendly. The scientific algorithms to find perfect match are not so impressive in them.

You would require premium membership of these websites for gaining access to multitude of features. But it is not worth investing because those features hardly add anything potential to your dating profile. This is the reason that these fail to retain any sort of members.

Safety which should be at forefront of your mind is not gained here! We couldn't find stringent registration norms on these websites and thus data privacy is at risk. The websites could invest further towards web encryption and privacy policies. and

These sites don't conduct customized background checks which are necessary to ensure the quality of registered members. Because of this experienced sexual predators and felons can still get around this security feature by creating false profiles. As an individual you can fall victim to these predators!

There are many dating sites out there. You may want to compare the aforementioned over 50 dating sites, check their fees, the freebies, the features of the sites and other relevant matters as may be important for you. Indulge in a thorough assessment of these sites since you wouldn't want to sign up with all of them at the same time. Follow the rules of over 50 dating. You also cannot just keep experimenting on one site after another. Compare the propositions and make an informed decision.