8 Best Affair Dating Websites for Married People

In the world of online married dating, there is no question that affair website is one of the most controversial subjects you're going to come across. When it comes to married dating sites, we're not here to judge. Believe it or not, but there are people from all walks of life using these websites, and not all of them are actually cheating. Regardless of why you are interested in affair dating. You deserve to find the best affair website for those married people.

For those people married and dating online, there are a lot of choices out there. The important thing is to find an affair website that is going to meet all of your needs. While those needs can vary from one person to the next. There are at least a few things that all of us want in an affair dating website. All of us want the ability to meet discreet, like-minded adults who appeal to our interests and preferences. At the same time, all of us also want to know that we are exchanging information and conversation over a secure network. Everyone wants to be safe and secure with online married dating sites. And you could say that is doubly so for married dating websites.

List of 8 Affair Dating Websites for Married People on the web:

Editors' Pick - The No.1 Affair Website | Rating: *4.5/5

Looking for casual encounters in person or online? is one of the oldest and most well-regarded examples of affair websites to be found anywhere online. Just keep in mind that the aim of the site isn't exclusively for those who want to have an affair. works with men, women, couples, and even groups who are looking for hookups, married but dating, or special encounters. Obviously, as someone who is interested in married dating, you're naturally not going to be lacking in options to meet people. has a massive database of users, although the jury seems to be out on the actual male-to-female ratio. People do seem to find like-minded adults to help them meet their needs through a discreet affair, so there is that.

The profile-building at is one of the most massive to be found anywhere. Extensive doesn't even begin to describe how far you can take things with a profile that will generate the kind of attention you want to receive. Just remember that those features are largely exclusive to paid members only. In terms of free options, is what one might describe as rather lacking.


AdultFriendFinder Features:

  • The Best Affair Website for Married People
  • Live Model Chat.
  • Anonymous Profiles
  • Adult Chat Rooms/HD Member Webcams.
  • View VIP members and hot members near you.
  • Advanced Search - ethnicity, sexual orientation, body type...

Editors' Notes: This website no longer works | Rating: *3.0/5

We hate to tell you when there are affair websites out there you shouldn't even bother with. But everything we know about tells us to tell you to avoid it like the plague. There are a few reasons as to why you shouldn't waste your time with this married dating site. But you're going to figure it out for yourself after setting up a free profile.

Because before you even put up your profile picture. They're going to start sending you notifications for messages from alleged members. While it seems weird that anyone from affair websites would start sending you messages to hook up, without seeing what you look like. Simply trying to click on one of these messages tells us what these guys are all about. As soon as you click on one of these messages, you are whisked off to the option to get a paid upgrade to see the whole message.

And if you actually go through with it at this dating site, you're going to be disappointed again. The messages are going to be fluff from women who don't even exist. Everything about this website is a scam, and it should be avoided at all costs.

Review: VictoriaMilan's user base is small | Rating: *3.0/5

As the name no doubt indicates to you. This is the website like Tinder for Married that gets right to the point when it comes to affair dating. This place is specifically designed for those who want to meet someone interested in a casual affair and encounter. Not only can you find examples of this mood in the layout of the site. But even the features with focus on making it as simple as possible to meet those who wants to have an affair on married dating site.

We like the fact that signing up for the site is free. From there, you're going to find a decent enough array of options to give you an idea of what this website is all about. It is also worth noting that these guys have become quite popular with people who want to explore the possibilities of an open marriage. In other words, it can be as useful for those who are interested in that. As it can be for those who want to focus exclusively on affair websites. It offers considerably more to those who go for the paid option, including a number of easy ways to communicate with potential matches.

Rating: *4.0/5

Founded in 2009, this is one of the longer-running examples of affair dating websites. The site boasts a strong membership base, so the odds of finding someone to hook up with are pretty solid. also has a great pool of features to help you create a profile that is certain to stand out from the crowd.

As affair websites go, is one of the more user-friendly choices. You can sign up for free in just a few minutes. And the free options are diverse enough to actually give you a sense of everything you are going to get with a paid membership. In terms of married dating, we would also say also benefits from being one of the most discreet choices out there, as well. It is also pretty decent of to give their members tips and suggestions for how to proceed with your affair without causing any problems. There are also some useful general dating tips. If you are someone who hasn't been on the dating scene in a particularly long time.

Overall, isn't quite as thrilling or elaborate as something like But it's still a great starting point for anyone who wants to have an affair on website.

Rating: *4.3/5 first made the scene in 2009. It hit North American shores in 2012. And it has drawn a number of solid reviews from those who know a lot about affair dating online. The general consensus seems to be that while there are better married dating websites out there. can be a good fit for anyone who wants to deal with those who are interesting in finding hookups through affair websites. If you are one of those people, then you are definitely going to feel as though you came to the right place.

Worldwide, boasts somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 million members across the world. Those numbers aren't anything to sneeze at, and it's worth mentioning that takes the unique approach of being a dating site for married women, made by married women. Obviously, the fellas can sign up for free, too. But the website focus on making women feel secure in their choices. With a good support system, and a number of useful informational resources. We think you're going to walk away from this particular example feeling that way.

Rating: *4.4/5

Life is short. Have an affair. One of the most recognizable names in the world of married dating sites. has certainly worked hard to build their formidable reputation. Is the hype legitimate, or are we talking about another case of hopeless smoke and mirrors in the world of online dating?

Overall, we think you're going to be pretty pleased. The first thing likely to grab your attention at Ashley Madison is the overall design of the site. We fell in love with Ashely early on for that reason alone. And for the simple fact that it's really easy to use this site to find someone who is interested in married, discreet, and casual encounters. This is far and away one of the best affair websites currently out there. This site is a breeze to navigate. Newcomers are going to love that, while more experienced visitors of dating websites will be grateful to have something that just gets you to why everyone visits sites like these in the first place.

The lack of automatic matching features is unfortunate. It's also a shame that the site lacks community features. Still, some would probably argue that when it comes to an affair website such as this. The last thing in the world you really want is a community.

Rating: *3.9/5

The name of the website alone makes it pretty clear what you're getting here. This is another of the married dating site where the owners of the site understand that you don't have a lot of time to waste. You want to meet married singles for casual encounters. And you want to be able to meet people you know you are going to connect with in real life. Anything less or more than that, you would argue, and it's honestly going to be a waste of time. works hard to appeal to that crowd. If you believe you match the description in the paragraph mentioned above, then this affair website is likely to get your attention. It might be worth a quick look, but we would advise strongly against taking things any further than that. The template for this site is pretty cookie cutter. Everything you can do for "free" is really just a demand for more of your money. Finally, we weren't really thrilled with the way the site is laid out, or the fact that is a popular place for private investigators to pose as members to catch unsuspecting husbands and wives.

Rating: *4.2/5

This is another one of those married dating websites that's been around for a long time. And is still going strong in the present. As far as affair websites are concerned. might be one of the oldest in existence, since it has been around since 2006. Generally speaking, you can trust a website that's been around for so long to at least not intentionally rip you off.

If you want to have an affair online, this website is going to be at least worth a look. Hundreds of people visit the site daily, meaning at least seems to be made of real people. As you have no doubt learned from some of the other married dating website reviews we have covered so far. This isn't something you can just take for granted!

Registering with MaritalAffair is free. There are some pretty good features available on the free level. But you probably already know the absolute best features are only available to those willing to put down for a paid membership. Keep in mind that if you do go in for the paid membership, which can strike some as very expensive. And you are getting a pretty robust assortment of special features. This site definitely wants your money, but they're going to give you something for it.

Enjoy Married Dating on Affair Website!

At this point, you have a good collection of affair websites to study in greater detail. However, you will definitely want to avoid the ones we've said are best left alone. At the end of the day, all of us want to be able to meet real people not fake profiles. We don't want to get ripped off, and we don't want to worry about getting caught.

There are a lot of dating sites and apps like Tinder or Okcupid our there. But in the world of married affair dating, contrary to popular belief. There are indeed affair dating websites out there which are going to give you what you want. Unfortunately, there are also sites out there which are designed to do nothing more than take your money, waste your time. And leave you vulnerable to your private information falling into the wrong hands. The challenge on your end is going to be to figure out which affair websites are going to give you the real thing. And connecting you to people who actually exist. To that end, the reviews above should point you in the right direction. Remember above all else to have fun, know what you want, and understand what you deserve.

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