The Beautiful People Dating Site for Beautiful Individuals

Beautiful People Dating Site is one of the largest communities in the world that is exclusive to the beautiful from across the world. Many of the individuals who are members have found love in with over 700 couple getting into long term relationships that have led to marriage since the inception of offcial link:

The administrators of this beautiful people dating site dedicate their lives to ensuring that the members find a more or less perfect match. It is why the site has risen to become a global phenomenon where the beautiful and attractive people interact and form romantic relationships with other beautiful people from any corner of the world since 2009.

Through their peer selection community, each member who signs up has an assurance of finding an attractive match. The selection community removes the hurdles of filtering and sifting through thousands of profiles that are hardly appealing. This put on a league on its own where members concentrate on learning and interacting deeply with the people behind the attractive profiles.

Beautiful People Dating Site

For Beautiful People Only

As the adage goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The website has given this adage a twist to "beauty lies in the eyes of the voter." New applicants on the site are first voted in or out by the existing members of the opposite sex for a maximum period of 48 hours. The voting process is a democratic one, and if a new member receives a majority of affirmative votes, then the peer selection community accepts the member, you are not so lucky if you get negative votes.

Their exclusive business model has elicited negative and positive reviews on mainstream media as well as on websites. The Managing Director, Greg Hodge, defends the model by saying that, "Many individuals were tired of using the mainstream dating sites when looking for a beautiful partner, since everyone was allowed to sign in as a member. The sites also have non-existent and if there are any, mediocre filters to find a beautiful person to initiate a long-term relationship."

According to Mr. Hodge, " is a uses the fundamental principle of human nature that we are all seeking to be in a relationship with someone we are attracted to, is the basis of Darwinism." The beautiful people dating site despite its critics does not define beauty, but it gives a representation of what the society views as the ideal standard of beauty as decided by its members. Only 20% of individual applicants make it be in the website.

In the modern era, the internet has become an easier way of finding dates and three out of ten people getting married started dating online. The dating rules have changed the same way interactions between people have shifted from face to face, and now more people are comfortable with using their smartphones to communicate.

One thing that has remained constant is the need to find beautiful individuals who have similar interests.

Beautiful People Events holds events regularly for their members in various cities across the world. Members have to look as attractive as their dating profiles to gain entry into the events. In the case where any member looks different from their profiles, they are turned away by the screeners at the door.


After the process of filtering the most relevant profile, it leads to setting up a date and getting the ball rolling. In the case that the site administrators of the beautiful people dating site a complaint from a date or a one simply uploads a beautiful photo, the user is naturally moved back to the 48-hour voting system to determine if they are to remain in the community or be kicked out.

Over 5000 members have been sent back to the rating system for fresh voting and slightly above 2000 made it back to the site. In January 2010, the site administrators revoked the membership of five thousand members for allegedly gaining weight. This goes to show how serious the website is in maintaining their standards.


To uphold the integrity of the site's voting system, the administrators at the beautiful people dating site has introduced some precautions that ensure the beautiful people are who they say they are. They now have a mandatory authentication process where an applicant and members have to upload their latest photos holding up a piece of paper with the date and username clearly written on it. This is a fresh approach to online dating which incorporates the basics of human romantic relationships.

It all starts with physical beauty and develops into a relationship. According to Mr. Hodge, you do not go to a bar and say that a person has a beautiful soul, it is how they look that turns you on and after interactions, you get to know the person for who they are, that is the same concept applied to the beautiful people dating site.