AYI(FirstMet) Dating Site Review

AYI dating site acts as a bridge to help you in finding your partner. There are good number of users who prefers proximity and seriousness in a relationship or just seek short term bonding to see 'where-it-goes' type of situation. AYI manages all and before the blink of your eye, a prepopulated list of suitable match will be in front of your eyes. With its ability to safely secure sensitive information, it is undoubtedly turning out to be most sought after website. Here is a quick review of some of its attractive and impressive features.

AYI Dating Site

Quick registering:

Registering yourself on AYI dating site is as easy as making a new Facebook profile. You can create username or password or juts login directly through your Facebook account. With this user friendly interface, you can browse and navigate through various options and learn about various options available to enhance your dating experience. The selection process of this website is not annoying like other websites of same kind.

All new users are asked to pick three images that are of interest to the user as AYI helps in determining the choice of the user. This helps in matching hobbies and passions and thus its interface is selected to be quite friendly. Members must respond by clicking 'Yes' or 'Skip' to the images, so no extra irritation and bugging in!

Maintains balance between casual and serious dating:

You might come across various websites on internet which openly claim to be dedicated only towards serious dating or totally towards 'one night stand' type of dating. Many of them claim to be serious but turn out to be entirely opposite. AYI dating site openly accepts that it is one stop for people looking for 'one-off' or 'long-term love'. If the user clarifies his/her rationale at the very beginning then it sort things out and helps in making quick connections with people having interest in common activities and lifestyle. So these way casual daters get to meet the ones having the similar mind-set and serious daters are matched with those seeking serious relationships. Correct dots are connected at AYI dating site and therefore the satisfaction rate of users registered here is much high when compared to other websites.

Free Profile:

You must have come across free profile setup in many other dating websites (if you are regular visitors of dating websites) but most of the free profiles contain very little number of options. At AYI, free profile is quite robust giving ability to the users to browse and make full use of Instant Messaging facility. Users can respond back on likes and comments right away without signing up for premium membership. To unlock more options, you have to opt for premium membership and that too is not way too expensive! With minimal amount, you get access to some of the nicest features which increase the chances of potential match!

Lovable Functionality:

AYI dating site is doing a fabulous job in terms of managing its high reserve of active users. It maintains highest level of privacy and security and thus you can be extremely sure of the secrecy of the data. With new monthly users stepping in, AYI not only turns out quickly but also suggests quality options depending upon your choice and explanation.

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